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My baby won't nap without nursing the entire nap

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My 7 month old will only fall asleep nursing for naptime and bedtime which is fine with me. She used to unlatch after a few minutes during her nap and sleep. Now she wants to latch back on and comfort suck the entire nap and if I'm not there she rolls over looking
for my breast and starts crawling still delirious. We have guard rails on our bed but now she pulls herself up standing and wants to stand unassisted. Although we cosleep we do have an unused crib that would be safer for naps however she wakes up when I try to unlatch her or even 10 minutes later. I'm not sure what the best solution is. I can't lay there for 2 plus hours twice a day with her and I try to get some cleaning done while she is asleep. Anyone else have this issue?
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This is me. smile.gif


DS is 26 months now, and still does this on occasion (when he's just not sleeping deeply, restless or teething - I wonder if that could be the culprit for you...).  Most of the time, I can  get at least a few minutes free for cleaning/snack/bathroom break - max. is about 30 min. or so.


DS has always been such a high needs baby, I had to let things go and so, I looked at it as enforced downtime.  I *had* to slow down, nap when the baby napped, or read a book - all of which was necessary for me to recharge (not so amazing for my house winky.gif).  I'd try to do something useful - pay bills, research purchases (cloth diapers, home appliances), book appointments, search for deals, get parenting advice, etc.


It's really, really hard to switch gears when you are used to getting things done, though. hug.gif  At least with us, it was impossible first, then gradually got better, and I had little windows of freedom (can't recall, but it could have been as far along as 18 months until I could unlatch him).


Also, when DS was that age, he would frequently nap in his Ergo carrier - that helped, because I could at least vacuum, fold clothes, etc. while he snoozed on the boob.  Do you babywear?  Is that an option for at least part of her nap?

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