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Just got our cell-free DNA test results back--BOY!
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Hi- My name is Kirsten & I'm due March 11th. It'll be my first baby.

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Oh, and I'm 40.

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So... my due date has changed, I'm now looking at March 29th!  ha ha Quite the jump! :)

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I'm Danielle, I'll be 36 in 2 weeks. This is baby #4, for us. Total surprise!! It will be a surprise, gender-wise. We have girl, boy, girl, already smile.gif
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Oh, and due March 12th.
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Hi! I am Christine. due 3/05. 4th baby

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Oh March Mamas, I had a dating ultrasound recently and am measuring about three weeks later than what my last period was giving me. New due date is april 15, so I am thinking I'll join the April due date club instead so I don't go super crazy with jealousy in March! The due date change is a good thing for us because last pregnancy I went pretty late. And, I have a SUPER long cycle, like 45 + days sometimes, so it kinda makes sense! Very glad I decided to go for the dating ultrasound in this case. I am wishing you all the bet of luck with long, peaceful pregnancies and wonderful happy births. :blowkiss 

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Good luck!!

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Got my cell free dna results back on Friday-- It's a GIRL!! :love

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Lots of girls!! Yay! I hope I copy :D Congratulations!

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Doctor had put me at april 1st, but I ignored that and left my March 28th estimate here. Ultrasound today said March 26th, so can you change it for me?

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Gosh, I never replied to this! Name is Jen, Due Date is March 4th, it's my 4th baby ! Thanks! (oh and if you are adding gender, u/s at 16 weeks said girl... but we are waiting till u/s on Oct. 11th to be sure!)

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Ladies, even though I am now the owner of the group, I don't seem to have the option to edit Seattlemama's post so this evening i am going to start reorganizing the whole thing in a new thread that I can edit. So this will be updated soon. Sorry for the delay :)

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You can add me to the loss group Selissa.  Thank you.  I'll be thinking of all you lovely ladies!


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Hi, I'm Samantha and I'm due march 24th! This is my first baby!
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not sure on due date, now guessing 30th (hope to narrow at 20ish week ultrasound) baby #3

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Lisa due date March 6th - Gender....guess I will just have to wait until March 6th!

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holliet -38- due march 1st- 1st baby- don't know gender yet!
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You are updated in the other list Holliet. The previous mod for this group did this list and I can't edit it...so I set up anew one. Sorry for the confusion
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