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Gender Hunches!??!

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Yes, I know it's super early! But was just curious to see if any of you mamas-to-be has a strong intuition about baby's sex? I mc'd our first pregnancy pretty early on but just really felt that the baby was a boy. This time around I just knew from the day I suspected implantation that baby is a girl and this strong, unshakable intuition continues today. I'd be thrilled with either and truly have no preference which is why the hunches are even stranger to me. So I'm wondering how much I can trust my gut. 


First timers -- similar intuitions? Second, third or fourth-time pregos -- did you have a strong feeling one way or the other with previous children? Did you turn out to be right or wrong?

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How about fifth-timers?

I have never had any intuition and still don't. We won't find out until the birth.

I wish I had a feeling! I guess time will tell.
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I had a strong intuition that I was having a boy for my first pregnancy, even had an image of what he would look like as a toddler, and I was right on both counts! We waited to know the sex til he was born, but I had a PUPP rash in my last month, which is strongly linked to having boys (suspected to be an allergic reaction to the baby's testosterone), so that kinda gave it away.

This time, not only do I have a strong intuition we're having a girl, I actually dreamed I gave birth to a girl the night I suspect the implantation began. We'll be waiting til she (or he) is born to know if she is a she or he.

Also, last time it was very easy for us to find and connect with a boy name, but even though we had a girl name picked, it just didn't feel "right". This time, the girl name we've picked out feels just right, but we're struggling to find a boy name.
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with my 1st my hunch was completely wrong. with my 2nd, I knew from the minute I said 'im pregnant' and I was right. I have a hunch this will be a third girl. I'll be surprised if I am wrong, but not upset, just surprised. dh is insistent on knowing what this bean is so we'll do a gender check.

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With my first, I had a dream that I would have a boy on June 10th. My mom also had a dream that I'd have a boy. I had a girl on June 25th. This time I feel like I'm going to have a girl, but I put about zero stock in my intuition on the matter now. ;) I think it is partly because my husband was one of 3 boys and his dad was one of 2 boys so I just assumed he, too, would father only boys. But nope, girl on the first try! 

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With my first two babes, I felt very strongly that they were girls and they were. When I was pregnant with my third, I thought it might be another girl (likely because I already had two of them!), but I was SO sick the first trimester, which was different from my other two pregnancies, so I just wasn't sure - and baby #3 turned out to be a boy! I don't have any strong hunches on the gender of this baby in womb. We found out the gender with our first three, but I think I want it to be a surprise at birth this time. This will be our last babe and I want to experience the mystery of the gender!
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I thought before I got pregnant that I wanted to wait till the birth to find out bc that's what my mother did and she always talks about how exciting it was. But then I got honest with myself and realized I'm nowhere near as chill as my mother and it would drive me batty not to know if I had the chance! Maybe we'll plan on keeping the next one a surprise smile.gif

Thanks for the responses ladies. I love reading all the anecdotal evidence.
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With my first, I just knew I was having a boy. We actually tried to conceive a boy and so I figured our chances were pretty high. We didn't 'peek' but waited until birth and were right! 


With my 2nd, (I thought) I wanted a boy ... but in my heart, I knew it was a girl. I just wanted 2 boys close in age so badly so they could be BFFs. But I got a girl! And they are BFFs anyway LOL! 


With my 3rd, I again thought boy ... mostly because finding a girl's name we liked was nearly impossible. (Boys names? Super easy for us!) We didn't even have it narrowed down to 3 we liked by the time she was born. But alas, we came up with a name and I love her to pieces!


With this one ... I again think it's a boy (notice a trend?! :) This pregnancy is actually very similar to my first (boy) in terms of level of symptoms, implantation bleeding (which I didn't have with the girls), more emotional/hormonal, etc. I don't know exactly *when* this one was conceived since we weren't trying ... so I can't go off any dates to make an educated guess. Not sure if we'll find out ahead of time on this one. It's soooo fun to wait (which we did only with our first)! 


Isn't this so fun?! :)

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