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Moving to NEK Vermont

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Hey all in the NEK this is my official call out to find mama's out there !!

Hey there my family and I are relocating to Island Pond and seeking community !!!!

I am Sienna 42 mama of Skarlyt 2, Magnolia 10, Camille 12, Yasmin 14 , and papi Fernando 36-

We will begin farming / homesteading continuing to home school- We are all seeking like minded folks to have barbecues with, sledding parties, potlucks and build a network of friends to support and be supported by- I believe it takes a village to raise fantastic children- I will also be opening a small registered farm/nature/ with the principles of Rudolf Steiner/ Emmi Pikler based childcare program newborn- grade school (intention is early spring 2014)- We are a bi-racial family and speak Spanish and English and enjoy life..... if you are there please connect with me!!!!!! joy.gif

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Welcome to Vermont! :) Such a small world- I lived for 12 years in western MA and we will be raising a bi-lingual child (Italian and English)! 


I don't live in the NEK, but close, in Lamoille County. We homestead too and I am sure you will find many of your neighbors doing the same.

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Hi there- I am not on this site much and today saw your reply- The only one ! What are the ages of your children? I would love to try to connect ! We are farming the property we live at here in island pond- 

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