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Birth/New Sibling Books for kids

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My kids are 5 & 6 and I'm a busy doula... childbirth related materials literally can be found in every corner of my office, night stand and coffee table. They've watched birth videos (thanks youtube!) with me, they hear me talk about birth with clients and ask questions all the time... I have a great photo of my 5 y/o reading a childbirth educators supply catalog pointing at a pelvic model with a baby doll coming threw it (don't worry, I age appropriately explained)..... but they've never seen *ME* have a baby. 

I do plan on having them be around for the birth. In my case, my kids are very well equipped to be apart of it but I am wondering if the kids books about homebirth (or birth in general) are gonna be too "young" for them and the amount of information they already have? I've never gotten a chance to read any of them and none of my clients have ever purchased them.


Links to books on Amazon: http://alturl.com/t6dbn

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We have the "Hello Baby" book and my 4yr old son (will be 5 in Nov.) loves it. Our kids have also been exposed to all sorts of birthing books, videos, terminology, etc..as we are very open about that sort of thing. I wouldn't say that my son has necessarily learned anything "new" from the hello baby book, but it is such a sweet homebirth story and he loves reading it over and over. And the baby in the story is born in the winter, like our February babies will be smile.gif.
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My kids are loving this book.  My dd(5) wants to SEE some births, can you link to some good youtube vids?  I'm a doula, also. so they're pretty familiar like your kids and although my son (now 10) has been at the births of both of his sisters and 2 of his cousins, I don't think he remembers all that much.


(my girls were born in 06 and 08 also!)

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I just purchased and received two books that we will be using to help prepare DD (22 months) for the birth of the new baby.


Mama, talk about when Max was born (by Toni Olson) - this is a wonderful book about a home waterbirth supported by midwives and a doula.


Mama, talk about our new baby (by Toni Olson) - this is a wonderful book about life after the new baby is born and features cloth diapering, breastfeeding (even tandem), co-sleeping, and baby wearing.


Both books can be ordered through Baby-Love Books at http://www.talkaboutmax.com/


We are so looking forward to using these books with our daughter!

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