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Pooping is one of life's simplest but greatest pleasures ;)

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boy isn't that the truth!


I have been feeling really pregnant the last couple days, all of the sudden my belly is in the way, it feels *full* now, strained, and firm, I cant get comfortable at all, ever...yup all of a sudden i'm feeling pregnant. lol

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Pooping is one of life's simplest but greatest pleasures ;)


No kidding! In the thick of the Zofran-induced constipation (we're talking over a week with nothing! It was horrible) I believe I said something of this sort to DH. I'm better now but still in the phase of not taking it for granted. I am so pleased that I'm regular again. 


Also, there may be nothing worse than saline enemas. Except extreme constipation.

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Hmm, manual disimpaction is worse than enemas. Trust me. I've had to do it on plenty of people.
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I used to be a vet tech, never had to do it to a human...but to a dog...and yeah i'd have to agree. yeouch

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Recently added a calcium / magnesium supplement to my routine and it has a stool loosening effect... there is a powder you add to water, or capsules :) And, i've been happily eating veggies again. carrots especially. happy me :0

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Why am I nauseous again? Why? I was feeling so much better . . . 

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I have had several bouts of nausea & vomiting after i thought i was 'better'. The good news is, they are fewer and further between each week. I'm 16 weeks now, but I felt like i was getting better at 13 weeks, and over these past 3 weeks have had 3 or 4 bouts of illness return. I have found it is important that I eat as soon as I wake up, no matter how I am feeling. I have also found that I feel like crap in the evenings, and I just need to take it easy. I tend to do most of my serious eating in the am hours because of that. 


Best wishes!

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I have my second prenatal appointment today! I'm hoping to hear a heartbeat smile.gif
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I actually had a peek at the baby, the Dr. used a portable u/s smile.gif
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Isn't it so cool? :D

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I had an app't today with an OB (to discuss the genetic tests I'm having done) . . . I actually had a GREAT time; we chatted for about an hour. 


But apropos to this discussion, he said he'd been in the business for thirty years and seeing the woman's face when she hears those heart tones for the first time absolutely never gets old. 


It was so sweet to me to think that others share in that pleasure!

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