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What style Keens, Luckiest? I saw some new ones on tinysoles that are supposed to be more flexible, and was thinking of trying them. Our stand-by SKR sneakers are too narrow in the toe, regular styles too wide in the heel. So now I need a new old stand-by.

And thanks for the info on the sizing chart, graciegal. I'll have to check that out.
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My nearly 3 yo son wears size 11-12 and my 8 mo wears size 4. We have big feet and big boys in our family smile.gif

I tend to buy my boys 2 nice pairs of shoes each year: Keens or similar quality sandals for the summer and a high quality sneaker type shoe for the winter. Otherwise I find used shoes to supplement and used boots if I can. Generally had to end up buying Croc boots for DS1 since his very wide feet wouldn't fit in anything else. Now they are slimming and he fits most boots I'm just now finding. Woohoo!!
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My dd has barbie feet. She is 1 month shy of 3 years old and wears a size 5! She doesnt take after me....i wear a womens 10:)

I think I read that the average 3 year old wears a 7 1/2.
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My son is 16 months and in size 7 but he is also a big boy! Tall in the 100% for  height!

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