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I was so certain that I was going to have a girl my first go around, that I had a name picked out when I was 2 months. It still stands if I have a girl...Aaliyah( pronounced A-lie-A) Elise Marie...long name, I know, but I love it. Boy name...Damian Markell!!! innocent.gif!!! Hoping for a girl!!
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I have lots of boys names I like. My favourite is Simeon. However my 8 year old really wants me to use the name that was the current favourite with my ex when we were planning a baby, which is Silas. I really like it, but haven't quite decided whether it would be a bit strange to use a name chosen in a previous relationship. I do at least know that she would not choose that name as we went through what felt like thousands before we agreed! On the other hand it would be nice for my son to like the name and feel positive about it.


For a girl, I think I'd stick with Elsa which is what my son would have been.

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Thank you!! Dishescanwait I'm think of using it as a middle name. I love nature names.
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Oh, a favourite topic of mine! I have SO many names in my head. My daughter's name is Mila Arden and I have been a tiny bit bummed to see the name Mila jump 300+ places since we picked her name in 2009. So we'll stick to the more unusual end of the spectrum for this baby. Current (but ever-changing) favourites: Girls: Elodie Isis, Cassia Noor, Vesper Blythe, Anouk Estela. Boys: Pascoe Sage, Cassius Elm, Claudius Valentin
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Oooh I love Vesper!
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Thanks :) I've mentioned it to a few people and it's fairly polarising - people either love it or they hate it! Lol. I don't think we'll announce the name until after the birth, then whatever it is, it's too late for people to complain about.
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Iris Thérèse for a girl, Roman Francesco for a boy.  With my first I had Maria picked out but it didn't fit after she was born, so we went with Rose! And she was born on Valentine's Day, so it was perfect.

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Right now the thought is Hazel May for a girl and Arthur Clair for a boy. There are many, many other names in the running, though!

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Gypsynamaste11, I've just read your post through several times thinking 'wow, 'Dishescanwait' really rates as one of the most unusual names I've heard! I then tried t work out why it was related to nature, but figured it was a good message at least. I did finally figure out you must have been replying to someone!! Is it too early to blame my fuzzy head on pregnancy?! LOL

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I like Henry for a boy. Maryn, Olivia, or Norah for a girl. Who knows what we will actually pick. A girl's middle name will definitely be Grace for my grandmother.
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We are not finding out the sex, but already have a definite girl name (Birdie Marie) if its a boy...no clue! good thing I've got 7 more months to think on it.... lol I love hearing everyone's names!

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Oh and I LOVE Maryn and Norah for girls... (I think a couple people mentioned those...) and the boys names are giving me ideas! I love this :-)

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We can't have another boy. We have 3. Hubby will insist he also be a Z & it took us til youngest Zayd was almost 24 hours old for his friend to come up with his name!!! LOL

Zaker, Zahir, & Sophia are my others. I like Somaiya because I want the NN Maya. No other real discussion yet.
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I'm really liking Zane for a boy. Maxwell as an option. I like Clara for a girl, but I think we have a lot more work to do on a girls name... We are waiting until the ultrasound to have any serious discussions. We will let the boys discuss too...
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I am digging up this thread again because we decided on our baby names today :)


if the baby is a girl she will be Zara Oshun Maralie Dawn


if the baby is a boy he will be Izaiah Orion Mutulu



I feel so much better now that we have them chosen. Wooo. i think i'm gonna take a nap



anyone else made any decisions, changed their minds, or narrowed the field in the last couple months?

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My husband still doesn't like any boys names except two I hate. Bah.

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that is exactly how Rowan got his name, My ex-husband hated the names i loved, and vice versa. We had three names we mutually thought were ok, Rowan, Ember, and Winter. We didn't love any of them but since we couldn't agree we just picked two. Now, Rowan suits him perfectly.

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We've settled on Hazel May for a girl, but can't pick a middle name for Arthur . . . thoughts, anyone?

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Arthur Alan popped into my head right away. Depends on your last name, though. 

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