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Raw Garlic--Natural Antibiotic?

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I was wondering if anyone here uses raw garlic as a natural anti-biotic or just health promoting addition to their diet?  I've been, every few days, crushing up a clove or two with my garlic press, mixing it in water and drinking.  I have to admit that this is something I feel I can do to avert food poisoning in case I somehow slip up.  Given that it's raw, does anyone know if listeria can grow in/on garlic?  I was under the impression that it works to inhibit it, but I wonder.

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I have no idea if it will prevent food poisoning, but I have used garlic oil drops to stave off ear infections and I make a garlic tea with honey and lemon to treat colds and flu which takes care of it in a day or too 90% of the time.

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Garlic has antibacterial and antifungal properties, so I doubt listeria would grow on it.  I've only heard you need to worry about listeria with things like soft cheeses and cold cuts.  My midwife actually recommended I eat 1-2 cloves of raw garlic a day.  I usually mince them up and sprinkle them on scrambled eggs in the morning.  She recommended this because I live in a country where food-borne illnesses are pretty common (I've gotten sick from stuff a few times already in my pregnancy) and she said it would help to prevent them from now on.  She also recommended a bit of apple cider vinegar in warm water every morning for this, too.

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I've never heard of garlic having listeria on it. I would think it would be difficult because of the peel and its protective properties. I've definitely used garlic for antibacterial purposes. I have had food poisoning 10 times that I know of.  I am very susceptible to it. If food is even a little off I'll get sick. I have used garlic expressly for this purpose for the last 8 years and have not been sick once. Before pregnancy (it gives me heartburn right now) I took it before and after I eat out. If I ever suspected I ate something bad I would take it once a hour for a few hours.  Its fabulous for colds too. When caught early you can way lessen the impact of the cold.  I love garlic!! 

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