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the wailing

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Its amazing what 5 minutes of the baby crying can do to me let alone an hour +.

Oh my first did this a lot and I just lived with it for over 3 months. I aged 10 years.

Now with my new little guy there have been a few of these moments here and there, but he is usually over it shortly or at least will go back to just fussing and vocalizing. But the wailing!!! 

I hate that horrible helpless feeling that I can't do anything but hold him and he sounds like he is being tortured. 


This is what I've tried










giving him space/putting him down





I'm sure I forgot something.

What do you other mamas do? How do you feel about it?

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First take a break.  Sometimes you just need to reset and having another person there is the key. Having someone else hold the babe while you take a rest and have a moment to think clearly can make a huge difference.  I'll hand her over to my husband for a moment and she'll quiet right down sometimes and I can take a breather, so that would be my recommendation.


Sounds like you've got a huge amount of patience mama!thumb.gif

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The only way I could get my now 8 year old to sleep in the middle of the night as an infant was to take a bath with him. I would sometimes take 2 or 3 baths a nite! It was sooooo long and sleepless for me. So, I feel ya mama and just remember 'THIS TO SHALL PASS'

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laying him on his tummy, it works wonders for tummy aches or colics

I second the take a bath, this works for me too, if it doesn´t calm the baby, it should help you



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Shanna-cat - I could get down with lots of baths, though spending the night in the tub sound rough!!! I am grateful that I haven't had to do an all night wailing session with this little guy.


Thank you! I think I get comfort from asking questions, learning about other peoples experience etc. I asked the wrong people at first and got a whole lot of "geez that never happened with my LO" leading me to believe I have "different/dificult" babies.


Do people forget this part, or are there really babies that don't cry like this?


ok and I just found this period of purple crying info. Has anyone heard this? The idea that it's gonna get worse is terrifying, but the thought that it's just the way it goes is a relief! (instead of the alternative / something is wrong with me or baby)


linking the website, but if it's against the rules sorry (I can't find the rules about linking stuff)



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I appreciate the link, littlegreenlady!  Informative, for sure!

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Loud white noise helped with my son...like the vacuum cleaner a shower. That crying is the pits greensad.gif
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Originally Posted by BabySmurf View Post

Loud white noise helped with my son...like the vacuum cleaner a shower. That crying is the pits greensad.gif
Same here! We got one of those old school air purifiers that makes a super loud humming sound off Craigslist for $50.

Also, just wanted to add that my son had lots of food sensitivities that we didn't find out about until he was 3. He was very colicky and had a constant diaper rash from hell- not saying food sensitivities are the answer for you (or anyone else) but that was our experience. Same babes are just cryers and its so hard on us as parents!!
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I pretty much do the same thing. She starts at 5 & goes until 10:00 at which point I give up & go to bed w/ her. She gets so hot & sweaty, I sit w/ her in front of the fan, which quits her down...for 3 min.

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I just wanted to say that my DD is now almost 9 weeks and is a lot better with the nighttime fussiness. It would usually be a 5 hour ordeal every night. I'd be doing all those things you said OP over and over again, like a cycle! But now it's 10 times better. She still gets a little fussy, but it's not overwhelming by any means. Either I've learned how to deal with it or she's getting better.
Hope that gives you something to look forward to. Good luck with everything and like the other Mamas said. This too shall pass!!
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Thank you mama4life14.

The same is happening here. Lark still fusses, but the full out wailing is less frequent. He rarely wails for more than a few minutes. 

I've decided to let him suck on my finger when it gets that bad and it always calms him down quickly. I don't have to do it often, maybe once a day for a few minutes while he calms down then I offer to nurse again. He is 8 weeks now and I'm hoping the worst is behind us. He also smiles and laughs a lot when he wakes up so Life is great!


A friend pointed out that I must have trauma from my first son who resisted sleep since birth and wailed at least 50% of the time when he was awake.

It was 4 months of panic and severe sleep deprivation. So I think when Lark started to cry the same way I went right back to that same place.

Little by little as I gained confidence I realized it is A LOT different this time. WOW some babies actually sleep! I honestly did not believe that they did after my first and I'm still so amazed every time Lark falls asleep so easily. After pacing for hours while nursing my first just to have him wake up 20 minutes later, I was convinced it would be the same and kept assuming it was about to start.


If any of you are having the same experience as I did with my first I send you big big hugs!!!

I want to also mention that learning how to swaddle and having good blankets for doing so has changed our lives. Lark actually smiles when he sees the blanket!

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Try a chiropractic adjustment.  Even normal birth is a lot of pulling on the head and neck, and I estimate 3/4 of newborns could use an adjustment.  I see it help a lot in the babies in my practice.  And (sorry to tell you) my baby only cries when he wants me or needs a diaper change.  Don't get me wrong, we hold him, wear him, and swaddle him when we lay him down...he' needs attention and comfort. Of all 5 of my kids there have only been a few times that they cried for minutes and that's when swaddling and a hairdryer sound or vacuum cleaner helped. Of course, all my kids were adjusted within hours or days of birth, except the one who didn't need it (until she tumbled down the stairs at age 1,)

Good luck!

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