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kick counts

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Am I weird in not enjoying kick counting? I love feeling our baby kick but laying there counting is super boring for me. Luckily this baby completes the kicks quite quickly.

Perhaps I need a different perspective.

Those of you doing kick counts, do you enjoy doing it and if so why?
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I don't do them, which doesn't really answer your question. I feel him regularly enough through the day, there is never a need to actually take time to count.

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I don't think I could be bothered actually kick counting, but I'm always aware of when he becomes active, which is quite often! So if something wasn't right I would notice.

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I don't count kicks. I didn't with my daughter. Both kids were/are active enough. I just try and be aware of the daily activity. This pregnancy had a day or so where this baby was pretty quiet and then I paid attention and tried to get him to move but he was not having it. The next day though he was rarin' to go but had he been quiet again I would have gone in. No one has ever said anything specifically about kicks either, they've just asked if the baby is active. 

I say if you don't like doing specific kick counts, just go about your day and just take a mental note when baby is active. 

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I don't count kicks either. This baby has been active enough that there hasn't been a need to. With my first I did count kicks. She wasn't very active. It stressed me out to lay there and count kicks. I'd freak out if I didn't count 10 kicks in an hour or whatever the rule was. I'm glad to not feel like I have to count this time. I just pay attention to when she is normally active and make a mental note just in case she is quiet later on in the day.
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I'm not doing it either. Just try to check in throughout the day and see if the movement feels normal. I've done them once because I was curious and it seemed a bit boring.


Though I had some weird movement and kicks this weekend - weird in the sense that it was too much. I was sunbathing after swimming, slowly falling asleep, when the baby started moving - nothing weird there, just nice. But after a minute or two I couldn't help feeling that the movement was a bit too frantic, and not changing from whole baby moving around to kicks or bouncing, it just didn't feel right. Touched the belly and it was really hot in one area - promptly got out of the sun (well, faced away from the sun), and baby immediately settled down.

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I'm doing them. With my son I didn't because he was so active he would easily have completed a kick count multiple times daily. This one is either less active or kicking the anterior placenta or both, so I do them. The thing I dislike about it is that it changes my feeling from excitement to faint worry when she kicks. I'm always wondering if she'll meet her quota.
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i don't do them. he's so active it never occurred to me to count. i do, however, check in with him at least twice a day (mornings and evenings) to make sure "he's still there". 

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I'm paranoid and used to be a chaplain in a nicu and am overly wary of what can go wrong, so I'm doing them as recommended by my doctor. I wish i could learn to like them...
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 I don't count kicks. She's very active, so it's not a concern for me. I think I understand what OceanSolitude is saying. She likes the reassurance that the baby is active and alive, but could easily do without the discomfort.

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I've never counted kicks- not sure what that entails, specifically, or how many you're supposed to count. I just take notice if there's a long period of inactivity, and try to tune in until it seems like he's active enough. I think actually making a ritual of counting would only lead to anxiety.
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i thought i would be into kick counts when we got to this point, but i really dont think it's necessary at this point. they are both crazy active. i can poke them and wake them up easily for a flurry of activity. or drink some cold water. it doesn't take much to get the circus going. 


this pregnancy defies all my expectations! 

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It must be extra crazy with two kicking in there! One is bad enough when he's being really active!

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it is truly insane. ive never had a singleton pregnancy, so i dont know how to compare the insanity. but these two do take my breath away when they both get going. 

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I can only imagine!

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i do them because this LO has been fairly inconsistent with movement - he will be fairly active for a day or two and then be pretty still for another day or two and i tend to worry a lot - so i started doing them to reassure myself that he was okay.  i use an app on my phone, which makes it easier since i just touch the screen to record a kick.  and i don't find it annoying when i do it - i usually see it as a chance to be quiet with myself and the baby and not be distracted by other things, which i am most of the time.  i see it as quality "us" time and that helps.  and when i'm doing it, i find each new distinctive movement to be a bit refreshing and encouraging so that helps to stay engaged.  ironically, i woke this morning thinking i'd need to do a count because he was less active yesterday and pretty quiet overnight but since i got up and had breakfast, it's like he's trying to break free in there!  so i don't need more reassurance right now :)


it has been a bit confusing for me though because my pregnancy app says that at 32 weeks there should be more frequent movement and then at 33 weeks it says there will start being a decrease due to lack of space...i keep wanting to know what to expect insofar as what's "normal" - and then i have to remind myself that this is a little person who doesn't follow any particular rules and is bound to have his own rhythm that may or may have a predictable progression.

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