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Practice Run

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So I know this can go into the whiner thread but I feel so embarrassed/jilted that I felt I "deserved" to make a new one for this lol.


So last night around 7pm I started getting contractions that continued until 2am. Didin't follow the normal pattern, got heavier, more painful, and closer together. I thought "this is it." I called my MW at around 12am still unsure since they were painful but they weren't THAT painful but we live 1 1/2 away and when I saw her earlier that day she said that I could go quick based on my lady parts and family history. Anyways, So I go upstairs wake up my husband and tell him my convo with the midwife and we get going to the hospital.


We stop for gas and food via sheetz at the halfway point. I'm thinking "if I really am in labor then this is redic. but it is what it is." My back was hurting enough that I did not mind getting up and walking around again. Aftter that my contractions started to taper off but I thought we can so far already this HAS to be it. They completely stopped about 15 minutes before we got to the hospital :( Well, not completely but they were much, much less painful. 


We pull in completely confused at 2am. I have to give instructions/handle the whole thing, telling H to go into the ER, find a nurse to check in etc. I felt extremely silly and odd to be wheeled up to the L&D since even though I was praying I was actually in labor I knew it wasn't it. At least let me have some sort of change from that morning's appointment!


Nope. I got hooked up to the monitor and even though it showed I was still have contractions every 5 minutes or so they weren't big ones and they looked "irregular." Cervix was the same as it was at 1pm :( They kept me till 3:30 since LO's heartbeat was really slow but picked up after I ate/drank something. Apparently she was "sleeping through my contractions." They unhooked me and had me walk around since I'm so far away to see if that would make a difference. I was seriously bouncing up and down in the room saying "Get out of me Jaya! You don't have a choice anymore. We just drove 2 hours to have you!!" Evidently she did have a choice because after 45 minutes of walking/hopping around my cervix was still the same and I got discharged.


Poor Dh had to take the day off of work today because we didn't get home until 6am, when he would normally leave for work. We drove a total of 6 hours back and forth to the same damn hospital, since I had a weekly appointment that afternoon then a false start. Plus now he seriously thinks I'm completely fucking batty and said he's not going to believe me until my water breaks, urgh.


Good things: Apparently I'm not that super crazy since the 2 nurses that came to check on me said that they had multiple trips to the L&D before all their kids were born. Sometimes it's hard to tell. Yay, sympathy. My MW was awesome about it too...


since we were SO confused going in it was kind of nice to have a practice run so that when/if I am actually in labor DH knows where to go and what to do. I got to go through the intake process and since I didn't go on a hospital tour it was kind of nice to see everything even though it was a lot more medically then I expected/thought. Several months ago when we were still deciding where to go I walked down there and peeked into one of the rooms and I remember it being much nicer... but I'm assuming the intake/monitor room is probably different than the L&D rooms since I didn't see a plastic baby bin anything in there. Just a monitoring machine for heartrate/contractions. 


I realized how NOT ready I was, at least not ready when I was exhausted at 3:30 in the morning. We heard another baby being born across the hall and it kind of freaked me out. I don't think it actually hit until then that labor=baby. I'm going to go into labor and have a crying child come out of me... I'm going to have a kid, whoa-type of feeling. 


Anyways, that's the end of my super long rant. Next time I'm just sleeping through whatever even if I feel like I can't. If I wake up in the middle of the night in the pushing stage so be it. At least I'm not wasting 6 hours of my day/night and the money it takes to get there. We went through a whole tank of gas between both appointments. Yuck. I'm moody now today. Thanks for listening. Now to awkwardly do the dishes because I have issues reaching the sink with my preggo belly. I was so excited last night to not have to deal with that anymore. 

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Oh you poor thing. We should make a fake out labor thread.
The only thing that makes your story a real bummer is the distance to the hospital, otherwise it seems like a totally normal story for a mom who is waiting and waiting. Labor keeps faking me out and it's my third, so don't feel too bad about going in, I've already called my midwives three times with the "maybe this is it." Only to call them back a few hours later to say..."eehhhhh, nevermind? I'm a crazy lady?"

My DH is paranoid as all get out, cause he caught the last one after a quick labor so remind your DH that unless he feels ready to play midwife he should just go ahead and nod and take you when you say go. My DH still hasn't fully recovered from catching our girl with no midwife there. And never fear, we are all batshit crazy at this stage in the game.

I hope you find some peace today. All this IS prep work even if it feels like spinning wheels, your body just happens to be REALLY good at prepping. Overachiever. Maybe try to stay good and hydrated today, just in case that made your uterus irritated. And be gentle with yourself, you totally did the right thing! The best advice from my midwife has been to change activity to determine whether its happening or not. If you have been really active, drink a bunch of water and lay down. If you're laying down, get up and move around or take a bath. You get the idea.

It's going to be great, you're already doing a fine job, paying attention and being actively responsive to what is happening. I'll be thinking of you today, you're in good company here at least.
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Let me tell you. This is #4 for me, and I came really close to going to the hospital the other day. Obviously (y'know, since I'm still pregnant - lol), it wasn't the real thing. You figure I would know what to do, but I've never experienced prodromal labor. This stuff is confusing.


Hugs to you.

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Glad to hear this is confusing for everyone. I'm "only" 38 weeks 1 day so I'm hoping for some more time to get ready for this baby. As first timer I don't know what labor will be like and will I know it when it happens?


And here's what's on my mind:

Still haven't packed hospital bag! We're installing the car seat tomorrow night! And our second hand by your side cosleeper isn't set up yet -- currently full of books and random stuff! Cloth diapers only "half" prepped! Baby clothes washed but not put away! Catch-up filing and home admin work to do! And haven't written a single thank-you note! Labor can't come yet!

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Haha Eilis I'm in a similar boat as you, maybe a dash more "ready" in the sense that we already installed the carseat and half packed the bag. But diapers aren't even here from gmd yet let alone washed and ready. Co sleeper assembled but not attached to bed. Have absolutely NO idea what labor will feel like. Our saving grace is that the hospital is a mile away on residential streets. DH still wants to make a practice run though! At least now at 38 weeks I'm on mat leave and can start to work on some projects, filing, organizing, etc. and can let my body start to relax and open as well.

Hang in there Inconditus - baby will eventually be here and maybe you have a bit of time to work thru some of the feelings that arose from the practice run. I think we sometimes forget there can be a real mental side to holding back or moving labor forward, so take this as a gift of time to move forward emotionally. Hugs.
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I love what you said about labor=baby!!! I still get my kind wrapped around that, like it hasn't quite sunk in yet!!! Ahhhhh! It will be pretty clear to me soon, though. (Hopefully!!! I'm at 39+4.)
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Huge hugs mama. I just had my third baby and I made a false alarm trip to the hospital (hour long drive) with irregular contractions and was sent home embarrassed too.... Never experienced false labour before abs this was my third pregnsncy. I had him less then 20hrs after being discharged from the hospital that first trip though. Hang in there smile.gif
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How frustrating. And disappointing. I'm feeling about as "ready" as I'm going to get (emotionally and home-wise), but at 40+1, baby is showing NO signs of being ready to come (other than random uncomfortable contractions that apparently aren't doing anything!).

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Thanks for the support. Husband woke up this afternoon and told me that this is all too stressful for him. That he's nervous every time he goes into work that I'm going to have the baby, and that these practice contractions stress him out when they don't go anywhere/he constantly is thinking I'm going to have her. He said he wants me to have her today even though it would be driving to the hospital 3 times in 24 hours (scheduled visit, false alarm, hopefully real thing). He's just done with me being pregnant.


I looked at him like "YOU'RE DONE?!" But it was still nice to know that I'm not the only one affected by all this since he's the type to never freak out/always stay calm no matter what. I guess he was freaking out yesterday even though he seemed super put together and that experience made him "ready." 

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I have gone through that a couple times too. It's perfectly normal for contractions to fake you out like that. I wasn't sure last night that I was definitely in labor because I've had something like that taper off and go away with my DD1. You'll have baby soon. I know it's hard to wait. 

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