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Hello, new girl here.

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Hello everyone, my husband and I are looking to conceive, he has 2 kids already but I have not been so lucky yet. He is fixed and the likely hood of getting him unfixed and becoming pregnant are slim to non because he's been fixed for 14yrs. He's eager to add to the family again and we are looking into washes donor sperm and Prefer to do it ourselves at home. We have read tons of articles on the how to and what not to do. Any advise on a sperm bank that doesn't require a doctors sig? Any advise on whether or not to attempt fertility pills/injections starting out? Any advise in kits to assist me in tracking my ovulation?

Thanks in advance for you time and help!!!
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Hello new girl!!!!!!

Umm ,tons of advise here...try this thread which can link you up http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1385037/not-ovulating-want-to-try-home-iui-smart-or-dumb-move#post_17382185 This person is in a similar situation..kinda wanting to do IUI. Read the second reply .


also, I recently found this http://theivp.com/ladybusiness/?p=12

Good luck!!!

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Thanks sooo much I will definitely look into it we appreciate it!!!
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Would you suggest ICI first then if no luck after a few tries IUI?
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I don't know....If you have no issues getting pregnant why not try the IUI first rather than going through the arduous journey of IVF? Did you check ou that link I gave you? Those mamas have tons of advice even though their situation is not the same as yours. Have you gone to the doctor or a RE just to get the usual tests to make sure you look fine and will hopefully have no issues getting pregnant?

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I have read the article it gave me some better ideas on things for sure, just had more questions is all smile.gif and I haven't been to the doc again since the beginning of the year and we didn't discuss in depth of my plan I just asked if he thought I was healthy enough to conceive and he said he didn't see a problem with it at this point and told me to get busy before I was to old lol
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