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Meal Delivery Sign Up

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So, I've heard about this and seen it in a few places, but I'm referring to the idea of having friends and family sign up to deliver pre-made meals during the postpartum period, so you don't have to think about cooking.  http://www.mothering.com/community/a/7-simple-recipes-to-bless-a-new-mom

I am considering asking a friend to organize something like this for me, getting people to sign up to make and deliver meals at the baby shower.  I am pretty sure that my mom's friends especially will be really into this.  They get super into it when someone dies, so why not when someone is born??  The only thing that concerns me is that the food deliveries would turn into overwhelming visits.  I just doubt we will really want daily visitors at that time, but it also feels really ungrateful to ask people to sign up to do this and just drop off the food without at least some kind of visit.  One thought I had was just having my mom run interference.  We will be staying with her during these weeks.  When someone comes by to drop something off, after a quick hello, thank you and peek at baby, get my mom to kind of prompt them to leave.  Or are there better ways to do this without overwhelming yourself with visitors??

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I think having your mom run interference is a great idea. I plan on having anyone who I would want to only be a quickie visit come to the hospital-and ask the nurses to come in 15-20 minutes into the visit and shoo people out for whatever reason. They're always really good about that. I'm putting a limit on who visits me to immediate friends and family once were home for a few weeks. Fortunately (?) I don't have a broad number of extended friends that would presume to visit early on unless I asked.

As for meal planning-idk what I want to do there. I'll probably have a pre baby cook and freeze day toward the end and then go from there.
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