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Diaper wipes

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So I've read conflicting things on whether or not diaper wipes are compostable. I have a bunch of Earth's Best, Babyganics, Seventh Gen. from my shower. I'm doing cloth diapers but not cloth wipes.


A few packs of non natural wipes that I received say that they are flushable, which is probably better than throwing them away. If I can't compost can I flush ones that don't have "flushable" on the package? i don't want to just throw the wipes in the garbage if I don't have to especially since at the moment it takes us a couple weeks to go through our under the sink garbage since we attempt to compost/recycle everything we can. 

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Definitely don't flush anything that does not specifically say that it's "flushable"! This wreaks havoc on your septic system OR on the water treatment system in your area. As far as less waste, cloth wipes are probably the best way to go.

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I wouldn't flush ANY wipes, regardless of whether they claim to be flushable! I learned the hard way that "flushable" to some companies means you can get it down the super-powered toilet in their corporate office building, and they're not around for the time the plumber has to come open up the pipes months later b/c they're jammed up with "flushables." I am now the proud owner of my own toilet snake and I know how to use it!


And yeah, if you're going to be washing cloth diapers anyway, might as well use cloth wipes, too. I keep a water bottle in my car all the time (for drinking too) and just use that to wet a baby washcloth or scrap material to wipe during changes in the car. It's really no harder than disposables.

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I just wash the disposable wipes with the diapers. They turn out fine. Haven't quite figured out what to do with them next. Maybe use as stuffing?
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I wash and reuse disposable diaper wipes. Mainly use them for wiping up spills and grimy cleaning jobs until they fall apart.
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