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1st Trimester Nutrition

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Hi ladies,


This is #3 for me.  With the first 2 (both girls) I followed the Bradley method way of eating, and I ate super healthy with lots of protein.  I craved healthy, hearty food with lots of salads and veggies...which is how I normally eat anyway.


This time around, I have less nausea, almost none, but I'm having the hardest time putting healthy food in my mouth.  I want to eat healthy, and so I usually force myself to eat something nutritious first, but in general, all I want is meat n' potatoes type comfort food.  Veggies and fruits are difficult to eat...hot dogs, on the other hand, are not!


So, I guess I'm looking for a little motivation or encouragement to eat better, and to know that when I don't, it's not the end of the world.  I know plenty of ladies than live on crackers and ginger ale for the first tri anyway!

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I totally relate! I have this awesome book by Sally Fallon and just got done reading all the 'requirements' for nourishing your body/baby in the 1st tri --- ha ha ha ha ha! Am I really going to eat liver pate or saurkraut right now? Um, no! 


With my first 3,  I survived on saltines and cottage in the first tri ... but this time I really AM trying to eat a more balanced diet, and cut out as much grain as I can. (I was gluten-free for 3 months prior to finding out but I have brought it back in a little because the cravings are so strong for bread ... mostly sourdough!)


As for the 2nd-3rd tris, I also followed the Bradley method (or is it the Brewer Diet?) where it's very protein heavy ... and went on to have very big, healthy babies (9lb2oz, 8lb12oz and 9lb7oz). I'll do my best to stick to that again. I really do think it's a good way to go. 


Also, another 'benefit' is that I have a major, major aversion to coffee in the first tri (with all 4 pregnancies now) and I also do not want to go near sugar. Those are normally my weaknesses when I'm not prego, so thank God I don't want to go near them now. I just think they aren't worth having ... really ever ... but especially while growing another human. 

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Chas1401 - I can really relate! I normally eat very healthy. Lots of veggies, always crave salads, etc. I'm 9 weeks tomorrow and all I've felt like eating for the past 3 weeks, especially, are sweets and carbs and cheese. :( Though I have been loving certain fruits, at least (I think I ate a half of a watermelon yesterday! haha). Veggies are just what doesn't sound good to me at all. Before I got pregnant I had big plans to not eat sugar at all during my pregnancy, but that just isn't happening. I keep telling myself that once I'm past the first tri maybe things will get back to normal a bit more. I also think for me it's having easy access to yummy healthy foods. And I've just been so tired lately that I haven't felt up to cooking anything. That's probably one of the biggest problems for me, I guess.


I'm really interested in the Bradley/Brewer method of eating you guys are talking about...Is there a resource on that somewhere online? I plan to take Bradley classes, but probably not for a while still.

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I hear you - I have a hard time eating well in the 1st tri.  But I got a NutriBullet and have been having smoothies once a day so at least I'm getting some fruit/veggies.

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Um ditto. Pre-pregnancy I was a paleo/primal eater about 80-90% of the time. Almost never had (or wanted) grains, ate lots of good fats, protein, fruit and vegetables. Of course I, like all you ladies, had lots of lofty plans for my pregnancy nutrition and how I was going to be the perfect paleo eater and have the healthiest baby/pregnancy ever. Fast forward to 7w5d and the idea of meat and fruit and vegetables makes me want to ralph. Eggs -- my daily morning staple for years? Forget about it. The only things that sound remotely appealing to me are bagels and cream cheese and grilled cheese. Awful. But what can you do but enjoy the weirdness of it all? I'm sure we'll all be back to our healthy selves in the second trimester :)

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I'm pretty paleo/primal.  Know what really stinks?  Being allergic to gluten and craving wheat!!!  SO NOT COOL.

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Originally Posted by SillyMommy View Post

I'm pretty paleo/primal.  Know what really stinks?  Being allergic to gluten and craving wheat!!!  SO NOT COOL.


OMG.... I soooooooooo share this problem with you.

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I ate a sandwich today - I will so pay for it.  I've been gf for over a year and not had a problem resisting until now!

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Hi Ladies,


I'm paleo/primal and am also have a tough time sticking to it this first trimester.  I've been eating a lot of fruits, yogurts, but protein has been tough.  Meat just does not sound good at all.  Not even my healthy clean bacon that I have!  Eggs are my usual favorite and those have been tough too.  I caved today and had a donut and a piece of cake at work.  Neither were even that good!  Uhh!  So frustrated with myself.  I will try to get a good rich dinner in tonight to help. 

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I'm not keeping anything down currently. greensad.gif
DH says it was like this with the other 4 but I just know it is worse this time. So terrible.
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I'm not keeping anything down currently. greensad.gif
DH says it was like this with the other 4 but I just know it is worse this time. So terrible.
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I'm sorry to hear that tabitha -- I, too, feel like this is my worst bout with morning sickness. Either it's twins (which I don't think so) or I've also heard it can get worse the more kids you have. Nice. :(

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I relate so much to everyone on this thread. I've been a vegetarian for years and was eating mostly vegan up through my first month of pregnancy. At this point I just want bread, bagels, and dairy. I made a giant salad last year and was able to eat it. My first in weeks. For me it has to do with the chweing. The chewing of a salad makes me feel ill.

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I do a lot of fermented foods - kim chi is amazing tasting right now - along with probiotic products like kefir, yogurt, etc. All made at home. Then I sprout alfalfa and legumes and other sprout mixes (love my sprout house, makes sprouting so fast) and try to get in a good handful every day of those since too hot to grow much greens now. Bone broth and soups, eggs from our hens, and lots and lots of crustaceans and pastured beef. Yummmm. 

I had pretty heavy nausea until I started using the magnesium oil regularly. I've also been on progesterone until recently, so, you can imagine how sick I COULD have been. Appetite just coming back and everything raw and fermented sounds divine. :)

Seaweed salad. Cannot wait to get some wakame to make seaweed salad. 

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If you're having trouble making yourself eat, I did liquids, green smoothies with eggs for protein, lots of nettle tea for iron, bone broths, on days I had no interest in food. 

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I can relate! This is so me! I'm reading Beautiful Babies and laughing. Everything good and wholesome sounds disgusting right now. I made myself eat some greens ( we get a CSA and they need to be eaten) and promptly vomited. I made kimchi pre-bfp and I can barely stand to open the fridge door now to smell it!

Oh well. Only a few more weeks! I'm going to enjoy a few more bagels before going gluten free again!
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