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3 yr. old slightly off IGE and questions

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My 3 year old has had very soft/ not formed stools since he's a baby, is up and down  his growth curve, and very small. He's a beyond picky eater, and has tons of energy,  wakes up at night...


He had tons of blood tests done from age 1.5 -3 and the only things off are the IGE by a bit. Normal is 0-240, and he's 286. He also has low iron, low hg., low Transferritin. He takes iron, which helps slowly.


We did the prick allergy test, and it showed nothing. When he was a baby I was off a whole bunch of foods while nursing, and didn't help is BM. I was probably not off enough foods.


My doctor wanted a scope, not for celiac, which we blood - tested twice, but to see what's in the Digestive system and intestines, however the GI doesn't want to bec. e/t she tested for is fine. I need to see what will happen next with this.


He might have leaky gut, based on my own research. He had some minor parasites  in his stool sometimes, while other cultures came out clear and we gave a med. that helped clear it. Nothing major in the stools though.


Would doing the LEAP/ ALCAT be good for him? Or some other blood test? Or the Biotech Food Panel? Are they totally accurate? Would I need to do another test of some sort for allergies, as this does not test allergies but only sensitivities? I can't just remove the few foods he eats without knowing for sure that I need to remove it. The GAPS diet and others are overwhelming for me, with several young children at home. I would like to know that I for sure need to remove it. I also have a newborn now, which demands time. He  eats mostly bread and a few months ago I started giving him dairy, bec. he had almost no calories in his diet, yet noticed no difference before and after dairy.


(My 8 yr. old has a stuffy nose for 2 years now, and needs a tissue handy at all times, and is still bedwetting huge amounts at night. I assume he might have a sensitivity too. I had my whole family off dairy for like 2 years, and there was no difference, so I have in their diet, but I'm off it due to the baby having reflux.)


I would love to find a solution for my child, since we have been doing so much with him, and it's very frustrating.



Thanks so much for reading this.

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Hi sunshine28. I noticed your post was missed and thought I'd bump it up for attention. If you don't get any feedback here - or even if you do  -  I suggest you post again to Dr. Sears forum . I think he might be able to offer some advice. :)

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