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Lydia Jude's Appearance to the World!!!

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On Saturday June 29th at 6 a.m. I woke up to the familiar back pain that I've grown accustomed to. I decided I would move to the recliner and put a heating pad on my back as usual and take a little nap. I had an acupuncturist appointment at 11 30 that morning to induce labor, By one due date I was 41 weeks and by the other due date I was 42 weeks. By about 730 8 o'clock in the morning I woke my husband up and told him I think I'm gonna get you a call into work today I'm not sure but I think today's the day. This being my first pregnancy I really had no idea what to expect with contractions I just knew that my back pain seems to be getting worse not better. I called the midwife and she told me to keep the appointment with the acupuncturist. My husband informed me that he needed to drop a floor plan of work I told him that if he was going to leave me he needed to do it right then. By 930 I was trying to take a shower and couldn't bear the pain in my back anymore I called my midwife and she said come in to get checked before your appointment. I called my husband asking him where he was he said he was on the way and stayed on the phone with me until he got here. By this time the back pain with so unbearable I can barely walk we packed the car in anticipation that today is the day. We time contractions on the way to the birthing center they were two minutes apart and two and a half minutes long. By the time we got to the birth center at 1030 I was 2 centimeters along. Then all of a sudden contractions started coming back to back there was no break in between or at least that's the way it felt. It was the worst back pain that I've ever felt in my life I cried out to die but my husband was so awesome he talked me through every pain and loved me through it all. At 1 o'clock I was 4 centimeters and when she checked me at 4 o'clock she said girl you're ready to push! My husband actually had to help me push or else I probably would have been pushing for a lot longer. When Jude started crowning the midwife stepped away and let my husband deliver our beautiful little girl and lay her on my stomach. I have never felt so much joy or love my entire life as when I saw her. I was so overjoyed i had know clue i was hemorrhaging. My mw gave me 3 shots to slow the bleeding and tons of fluids. I almost had to be transferred bur finally got it under control. She kept me overnight for observation. She discharged us the next morning after strict instructions to take it easy for at least 3 weeks. My dh and i have been laying around for 10 days now just staring at this beautiful little miracle....our lives seem much more complete. Thank you mamas for all the support this group has provided!!! Btw i had a fear of not being able to breastfeed.....shes the breastfeeding champ and feeds every hour or so...im so thankful for the bonding although my dh is a little jealous he cant provide her nourishment..he is so wonderful!
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That is so wonderful! Congrats!!

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Welcome.gif Lydia!  Beautiful story!!

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Sorry didnt mean to post story twice....my phone can have a mind of its own sometimes.
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