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Looking for Midwife for HBAC

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I'm not pregnant yet, but we are ttc ( will actually be doing IVF soon).  I would love to find a midwife to do HBAC.  I have been going to ICAN meetings, have not really had much luck yet.  Then again I was looking into just doing VBAC the last meeting I went to.  Any suggestions?  

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Just bumping your post up for attention. Hopefully someone in your area will post with a recommendation.


Good luck!

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Thank you.  I do have an appt set up for a consultation w/ Karen Shields of Gentle Beginnings.  I have tried contacting several midwives, in & out of NJ, w/no responses.  irked.gif

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Are you looking for an HBAC in NJ? Unfortunately by state law they are illegal and midwives are unable to attend them. The state has in the past investigated midwives suspected of attending HBACs, so I don't think you will find any willing to risk it.
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Just wanted to let you know not to give up. I am due in Jan / Feb and have been working towards the same. Rightfully so it's very guarded information but where there is a will (for an intervention free birth) there is a way. Though not all ways fit all people.


Best of luck to you.

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Am I reading your location correctly as Southern NJ?  If you would cross into PA and have your baby with a HBMW there, you may have an easier time finding what you need i would also recommend connecting with another woman who has had a HBAC and seeing if she can somehow discreetly connect you with her MW.  As PP said, this information is sacred, carefully guarded and so you won't find it easily looking in from the outside. 

Good luck to you, I hope you find what and who you are looking for!



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These midwives do exist, but they are extremely hard to find! I attempted a hospital VBAC in 2010 and ended up with a repeat c-section. I will not even think about having another child unless I can find someone who will attend a VBA2C...and I have absolutely considered a HBA2C. Good luck on your search :-)

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