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My spectacular hubby wear our daughter Soraya (6 months) while mowing the lawn!  

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Our daughter Soraya (12 months) insisted on keeping her animals while daddy put her to sleep!

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14 month old Soraya fell asleep on a hike on Kauai.

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First day back in the Northwest, mama & 16 month old Soraya

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Google Street View caught me babywearing. I have a baby in a sling and a toddler on my shoulders. 

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temple visit in Japan


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My husband and our 7 month old daughter on a hike in Dingle, Ireland http://instagram.com/p/b1FEJHuuB8/
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MissusTexas, you'll have to place your entry photo in your post. 

If you click on this icon  at the top of the post entry box you will get this option:



If you are uploading from your computer, pick Upload Files, and if you are getting it from a website (Flickr, Instagram, etc) then use the bottom option to enter the URL of the photo you want. 

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My little daughter, with my big daughter from another mother, ages 1 and 6

And here they are again....


Ages 7 and 12 :) Same girls, same place, (with another sister not pictured and a sibling in utero!)

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My baby babywearing his babies :)

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babywearing my son made things so much easier when he first came home from the hospital with all of his medical supplies

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at the apple orchard with 2 of my sons

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my youngest peeking out while at the beach

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My little darling, Eloise, 4 months
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My 9 year-old niece cousin-wearing during a recent family vacation.  She would literally beg to carry her 11-month-old cousin in the Ergo.  It definitely contributed to some major cousin-bonding and a welcome relief when we were trekking around Disneyland!

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This is one of my favorite snuggly moments in my Moby wrap with my daughter. There's nothing better than a new baby in a Moby wrap, all cozy and close.


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Wearing my son on the lift in Vail.


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Crashed out during a wedding party.


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