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Daddy Loves Wearing this Boy! He's getting heavy!

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  My DD's first outdoor concert at 3 weeks old! 

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Hiking in our Ergo Performance at 3 months. 

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Mama Baby beach walk at 2 months. 

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Daddy's little bundle :) 

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2 Mamas with Front Papooses!

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With three little boys ages 4 and under (4 if you count dad), its sometimes hard to get everything done between work and home. Baby wearing helps us get it all done while spending time with the kids.
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My mom took this picture as we were leaving to carry a meal over to neighbors who had a new baby. We never needed any baby winter gear. I used my husband's coats and baby kept us both steamy on many cold days. We got lots of double-takes as we walked down the street.

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This is a picture of my beautiful mom carrying me in 1983 when I was 2-3 months old at White Rock Beach, BC. It's one of my favourite pictures as I now wear my son everywhere and the nothing can compare to the feeling of being physically connected to my baby. 

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My two boys! Such a wonderful 'pro' of a large age gap is having an extra set of hands. My 9year old wearing our 3month old on our walk to school*

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My sister and I are 18months apart and grew up very close. Having babies 7 months apart has brought us back together again. Wearing our babies (1 month & 8 months) for a walk in the  beautiful sun on a  Spring day in Roberts Creek, BC

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At 9 years old he discovered the wonderful aroma of baby and cannot get enough! 

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Wearing my 2 month old for a hike. Very content and slept most of the way up, had a feed at the top and slept back down. 

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My best friend from grade 5 (19 years!) and I both shared our pregnancy news on the same day. After drifting apart for a while, we are reunited as mommas and wear our baby boys for walks!

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 Napping & Snacking - the beauty of being worn! 

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Tried to submit this earlier but not sure if it worked. This is my mom wearing my son while she throws pots.
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Helping mom work on the website. Babywearing is a necessity for this wahm.
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