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In Labor or Warming Up for Labor

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I've seen this thread in many other DD Clubs and thought it was about time to start one for us, especially those due 1st week of August. So anyone feel close or showing signs of labor?


Nothing here, BHs every day for weeks now, increased swelling, baby has definitely dropped but I have a tendency of delivering on my due date so, I'm not getting my hopes up. 

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Well, HeatherB needs to chime in here...ROTFLMAO.gif

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Yes, body is REALLY warming up.  Tuesday night was a nice series of prodromal all evening and since then my discharge has picked up and baby is clearly even lower than before (and she was low before).  I am nervous because it's still too early...  34 weeks on Saturday.  Hoping for at least another 3-4 weeks!  I suspect I will have that (since I did with my last), but it's still making me way nervous..  Already had 3 contractions this morning since I got up...

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Calladona: I could have written your response.  Same exact thing here.  I have had cramping on/off since about 32 weeks, and then really picking up the last two days. Trying to drink a ton of water, but one actually woke me up in the middle of the night and I got a little nervous.

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I only get about one good crampy feeling a day so far (good?  haha).  But that's more than I had with my son, I had *zero* warning that my water was going to break.  I totally thought I was going to be one of those 42 weekers, then bam, 39 weeks.


Baby girl also still doesn't stay put completely head down, so we'll see where that leads us.  Wiggly little stinker.  ;)

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I'm losing so much cervical fluid, I wonder if it's my mucous plug working its way out slowly? Anyway, I have contractions every time I sit or stand and at night they are the worst even while lying on my side. I am trying to not worry too much and remind myself I am doing everything I can and have already had my steroid shots. I just am hoping for full term.

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Just got a huge contraction...  Blah. Edelweiss, same thing here (CF picking up) - I remember this from my last pregnancy too - I do think it's how my body loses the plug...


Come on, at least 2 more weeks - preferably 3-4...

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Well, I never had a "oh I lost my plug!" event with DD so I assume I go the gradual route.....ugh. I hope we both get full term babies.

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I don't recall losing my mucus plug last time. My water broke pretty far into labor, as I recall. I've had a few crampy contractions in the evening when I'm pretty exhausted, but nothing that makes me nervous. My OB did a check yesterday and said I'm 80% effaced and 3 cm dilated, but baby's head isn't engaged and she's still pretty high. Who knows? It all happened in a mad rush at 41w+ 6 last time! My doctor offered to sweep my membranes at next week's appointment. I'll be 38 weeks. What do you think?
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I never saw a mucus plug with my previous pregnancy either, Crafty. I wonder if I just never paid attention?

I've heard that stripping membranes is very painful- so I would probably hold off until 40 weeks since it could introduce bacteria and possibly cause infection- all while NOT jump-starting labor! I don't know, that's just me though.

I'm debating whether or not to let my OB check my cervix at my 37 or 38 week appointment. I think I would like to hold off- I never had any cervical checks until I was admitted in active labor with DD- but I AM curious about where I'm starting from. Hmm.
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I never found stripping my membranes to be painful. Mildly uncomfortable, but no worse than a check.
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I wouldn't get my membranes stripped unless I was overdue or had an urgent reason. I figure if I'm not in labor before 40 weeks there's a good reason for it. That's my opinion. smile.gif
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I don't know....I've never had my membranes stripped, but I just wouldn't want someone digging around in there and so close to due date anyway. I'd worry about potential infections, but that's just me.

I am 34.5, so a few weeks to go. But I did started having a lot of cervical mucous yesterday. Yay!! My previous births were at 40+4 and 40, so I am not expecting this one before 39 weeks or so :-)
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I wouldn't strip membranes unless facing an induction deadline...  Just me though...


Already tired of prelabor... :p


Oh the only one I saw plug with was my first and it did NOT mean I was going into labor (had a scheduled c-section 2 days later).  My two VBACs my water broke while pushing and I never saw the plug, only this constant CF the last few weeks...


I have gone at 40+3 (but she was breech); 38+1; and 39+1.  I have no idea what to expect...

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MW did a sweep with DS at 39 weeks (it was Tuesday, I was due Saturday).  Just like an exam from what I recall. I lost my mucus plug on Thursday night, delivered on Sunday.  I don't know if I would do it at 38 weeks, but would try it again at 39/40 if MW is willing. 

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I talked to DH about it today and I have decided against the membrane sweep next week. I think full term is important for me as I'm a known slow-cooker. I will re-consider at 40 weeks. I had it done before and don't recall it being painful, but I was 41 + 6, facing induction the next day, had taken castor oil and was thoroughly in the desperation zone. I am not sure if that's what did the trick or if I was just a house of cards, but I was in labor within a couple of hours of it.
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It hasn't come up for me yet (#1 and #2 born at 39+2; natural labors), but I don't think I'd consider a membrane sweep until 41wks and facing induction. I guess it's tough to know unless you're in that situation, but that's my opinion at this point. I like to let things progress as naturally as possible.
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Its exciting to me to read about other mamas and their changing symptoms as they head into labor this month/early next!


My official due date is Aug 4.  The last 2 weeks my cervical discharge has really increased--so much so that I've been making sure that its really just mucus and not a watery (fluid) discharge.  So I guess that means something about my mucus plug, but until I read this thread I wouldn't have put 2 and 2 together.  Some days I have BH all day then others pass and I don't notice any.  I'm measuring 1 week ahead so that makes me feel good if I do happen to go into labor after Monday (when I'm 37 weeks).


I want this baby to cook as long as she needs to--however, this time of year, the month of July early Aug is just such a great time for us, I wouldn't mind having her after 37 weeks any time!!

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I definitely lost my plug last time. It was a large clump of cm. I went into labour 5 days later.
I am glad you chose to wait on the sweep. I know my high risk ob will do an amnio on any baby that is younger than 39 weeks because of the number of babies that lungs are undeveloped before then.
Nothing too much for labour for me since Tuesday when I had the bloody show and lots of contractions.
I won't get a cervical check until I get induced on Thursday. 5 days eek.
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Stormikris - 5 days! How exciting. I must have missed your story about why you've got an induction planned. In any case, I hope it all goes smoothly, and look forward to reading your announcement. You're meeting your baby sooooo soon - WooHoo!
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