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Thank you. I know my ovulation date and I'm dated one day before that because of our 10 week u/s. The boys have both measured on time to slightly ahead each u/s (for singleton growth) so they should be good sized but I know size isn't everything and they need to mature a bit before they can nurse effectively. DD was born after 41 weeks and struggled with many nursing issues the entire first year (when her solid intake finally made up for her poor milk removal and I was able to back off pumping and nurse her till 39 mos) and our LC said she acted like a premature baby. I don't know why and I am not really looking forward to all that pumping again but of course will do whatever I need to to get them my milk.

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Still nothing.  I'm still here in one piece.  Full moon tomorrow night at 7:23 pm though.orngtongue.gif

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You never know Edelweiss, maybe these boys will come out with the voracious appetites of teenagers and take to the boob(s) immediately!  Maybe after nursing your DD for 39mos, and pumping, your milk will let down easier, or your breasts will have a muscle memory (I know, not muscle memory, tissue memory maybe?) and everything will fall into place much faster and easier than it did with your first...  I don't really know, but I hope so!  I think that you have the patience of a saint, and are pretty amazing for working so hard to BF your DD and stay still for so long for your DSs!  

thumbsup.gif  Oh, and you should probably close all of the blinds for the full moon tomorrow night!



Cathy and Skycheat, will you both be dancing naked under the moon tomorrow??? 

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Thanks Mam505 -  we have black out curtains wink1.gif I definitely know more about breastfeeding now than I did 4 yrs ago! And I have a great support system and am determined to do what I need to to get my babies my milk, just hoping they can nurse well from birth. My LC said around 35 weeks they can start to nurse or at least get some milk from breast, so I am hoping for that at least.


Cathy - hope your baby comes soon and healthy!

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ROTFLOL Mama505!!! Don't temp me!!
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TMI (but isn't that a lot of labor symptoms?) but I haven't spotted today, is that a good sign? Does that mean I didn't have bloody show yesterday or things are slowing down or I guess I won't really know till I see my OB Tues and ask him. I guess any spotting/bleeding can mean cervical changes so I guess it probably has changed in the last week. I think too much.

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I think not spotting is a good sign since you're hoping to keep the kiddos inside. The less action the better!
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Originally Posted by skycheattraffic View Post

The less action the better!

Given our recent discussion about nautral induction methods, sounds like that's the motto for this group for everyone but you, Skycheat! wink1.gif
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Lol EA77! This is a backwards kid: exercise, sex, spicy food, birth ball seem to stop contractions. Sitting on my butt or laying down get them going a little. Fine; I'll sleep this kid out!! Lol
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Yeah I figured it was good but doesn't undo Sat's spotting either. Oh well, I'm thankful for another day of having them tucked inside!


Skycheat - with my DD labor didn't start until I almost fell asleep then I was up all night with ctx and had her right before 1 pm. This was after tons of prodomal and everything and almost giving up (41-1). So go relax and let baby come! We're rooting for you and yes I'll take any extra days you don't want bc I need my little guys to mature a bit more!

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I will *definitely* be looking forward to the full moon. I wouldn't mind a barometric pressure drop either. 39 weeks tomorrow. Ready!
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Edelweiss-- keep hanging on to those babies! You're doing great!!!

Skycheat- you sound so ready. Hope the full moon helps things along.

Crafty, I know this pregnancy has been a tough one for you.... Happy 39 weeks! Why not celebrate with some broken waters or bloody show? Lol. I'll be rooting for you!!!

AFM, I am 36 weeks today. Methinks I have a ways to go.
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Just wondering how the full moon worked out for our outside dancers...I had to ring in the day by staying awake past midnight. I think partly bc I have to take a pill at midnight and partly because I'm so relieved to be officially done with another day that I have to stay up and make sure I made it (or it's just pregnancy insomnia).

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Nothing here yet :-/. Bloody royal baby will bloody arrive before I bloody well go into bloody labour!!! But I'm not bitter lol
Someone please tell me the Duchess is like 3 weeks overdue lol.
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I think she is about 10 days past her due date, so try not to be bitter, skycheat. wink1.gif

EA77, our full moon is tonight. I think we're almost a full day behind you in the U.S.
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Yes, the royal baby is quite a bit "overdue".  She deserves this!!  But you next! :p


2 weeks, 2 weeks, 2 weeks...

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Ok ok... She's allowed. As long as this baby gets excited about all that press coverage and comes out to read the tabloids while they're still fresh wink1.gif
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Where I am, full moon is here at 215 pm...thats only 2 hrs away and I'm not deep in labor so I'm guessing our baby won't be a full moon baby!  I have been having lots of BH and early labor signs, but nothing consistent or major.  


skycheat, holding out hope for you today--hope you're napping haha ;)

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Skycheat, you're funny. I'm sure I missed it somewhere but what's your actual "due date"? What are you doing to move things along? I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we're much more excited for Baby Skycheattraffic than any royal baby!!!
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I'm hoping for you, skycheat! Soon, soon, soon!



afm, I have been having lots of cm, which is making me really happy. I didn't have any with DS until I had a membrane sweep at 40 weeks, and I ended up with a failed induction with him. He definitely wasn't ready to be born at 40 weeks. I do think this baby is getting ready though. I think I still have a few weeks (only 35.2 now).

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