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stormikins - wow you're close!


I've had a lot of pink/red cervical fluid since going to the hospital, but I think it's because my nurse really hurt me when she did my cervical checks. The one time I had drops of (frank) blood right after while going to the bathroom. I think she scratched me or something on top of giving me the most painful cervical exam ever. So I  am hoping this isn't "bloody show" and just recovery from that but I can always mention it tomorrow at my appt.

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Ouch edelweiss98, that sounds painful! So sorry, I would definitely mention it at you're next appt. 


Every evening I'm getting these yucky back contractions, sometimes they wrap around and sometimes they just stay in my back. The heating pad and some yoga poses usually helps but recently that's not relieving them so I'm having to just lay down. I hope my body is warming up for labor and not just doing this for nothing. It's so frustrating! I keep checking the toilet paper for show, but nothing there!! Technically , I still have 4 weeks til due date but, my body really seems to be kicking things up earlier this time. Just trying to be patient!!!

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I have an appointment Wednesday to see if anything has changed, but as of last week I was 4 cm dilated, 0 % effaced and still high.  I am 37 weeks today and would welcome these babies at any point in time.  Guess I'm not progressing as well since baby A isn't head down.  So very sick of contractions at this point.  My diastasis is getting worse and I've got over 13 lbs of baby in there.  Time to get this show on the road.  Not that the babies care what I think or anything. orngtongue.gif

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I figure I've got another month roughly...  34.2 today...  Had a few painful contractions today - one a WHOPPER while I was at the breakfast table.  Another later on this morning all in my back that hurt like heck too.  My back is so out of whack these days - I think it's partly the contractions and partly just baby size. :(


My mom is stressing about when to come out...  She's suggesting Aug 8 and I'm suggesting the 12th.  I don't want her to regret coming too early, though I know she really wants to be here to help...

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So exciting to read about people gearing up for labor! I'm only 34 weeks now so it helps give me something to think about, without being too antsy.

I do think I'm having more cervical fluid/mucus though! TMI, I've been finding way more "stuff" in my underwear. I'm excited, with DS it seemed like nothing was going on at this point, or even at 40 weeks. I'd love if I had some more signs of labor approaching this time. It would definitely be a confidence booster for my VBAC!


Edelweiss, yikes on the blood front! I hope it's just from the rough exams and doesn't mean labor will be soon.

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I am having more frequent BH's than before (I never felt them with DD!), so maybe that means something? Some of them make me kind of squirm and have a very crampy feel to them. Here's hoping they're doing something at 37w3d!
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I'm 38 weeks today and I've got a whole lot of nothing going on, just your occasional BH. Oh well, I know I'm a slow cooker and not a microwave... I am happy I am one of the earliest dates in our DDC just so I'm not dead last in delivering. 42 weeks, ain't skeered of you! (That's a lie. 42 weeks makes me feel faint!)
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I never felt BH with DS either, but this time I got something going on... I don't really know what all I am feeling, it seems to be several different kinds of pains.  I also never saw/felt the plug with DS.  I did feel the plug last summer though when I went into labor, it was a bizarre sensation.


Edelweiss, I had a nurse like that after DS was born.  She was so rough with me and DS.  It was as if she were taking her bad day out on us, or like she had a personal grudge against us (although we didn't know her at all).  I hope that all is well now. 


Mary, I hope you deliver before 42 weeks, I hope we all do!  42 weeks pregnant in August sounds sticky, and waddly, and all around not a good time!

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EA77 back in jan I had a blood clot from as far as they could see in my groin to my ankle in my left leg as well as suspected pulmonary embolism. Got heparin while in the hospital, had surgery to prevent any more pulmonary embolisms got 2 units of blood. Was sent home after a week in hospital was home for 6 days and passed out. My platelets were critically low. Was started on a new blood thinning injection one that they are unsure of the effects on baby in pregnant mumma's. So they needed to schedule the induction because the blood thinner has a 24 hour half life and they don't want me to hemorrhage again.
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mamapigeon, I had very little going on prior to my first VBAC - no dilation, not much in the way of mucus, my "normal" BHs that I had in the first pregnancy, along with one hour of crampy contractions in the night about a week out from the birth.  Anyway, I went into labor and gave birth 8 hours later with no complications.  I do attribute chiro to helping baby positioning for good labors.

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Stormikris - Wow. I'm so glad you and baby came through that ok. Sounds scary to say the least. I'm glad your carers are monitoring you and baby closely. Being on a healthy baby and uncomplicated birth!

Edelweiss - I'm so sorry she was rough with you. That's just not right and makes me angry. We are so vulnerable to maternity care providers, and it's just so wrong for them to take advantage of that. I hope you do report the negative experience. Perhaps she didn't mean to be rough, but in any case needs to be reminded to be more gentle. It may be all in a day's work for her, but it's a significant experience for you.

As for plugs, I didn't noticed losing mine with either baby. No bloody show either. :/
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First time mama here, so forgive me for asking. Would anyone be willing to elaborate on their mucous plug experience? I've been having a lot of muscousy discharge (CF I guess?) and today was more of a clump. Not too big, maybe a few cm long and one wide. Could this be part of a mucous plug? I've been having a lot of what I think are braxton hicks too, but I'm only just 36 weeks.

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Nikki, I didn't see mine clearly, but I'd wager it was a lot bigger than that.  I had to use the bathroom and I just knew as soon as I sat down something was happening.  Then I felt a downward swoosh and there was a big splash in the toilet.  If you have been leaking fluid it could be part of it.  I think that Braxton Hicks, even for a first time mama, are pretty normal too (your uterus amping up for labor).  Where are you planning to birth? 

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I had a lot of blood streaked mucus once contractions started with DD. My water had broken 6 hours before I had any contractions. I also felt some braxton hicks with DD but this pregnancy I've had them for months and they are very frequent and strong....and starting to feel crampy and more like the real thing.


eta: I'm going to go for the membrane stretch and sweep this time around - likely at 38 weeks if possible to wait that long! I didn't do it with DD but this time I'm anxious about a medical induction otherwise I wouldn't want to try it. DD came spontaneously at 39 weeks. I had dinner with some friends on Saturday night and they both had it done and said it's uncomfortable but not over the top painful.

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Starting yesterday afternoon, all through the evening into this morning I have had the feeling of pressure in pelvis. I also had some pretty strong, but inconsistent BH (although with 90+ heat I think i was dehydrated a bit too).  Baby feels so low.  I don't remember this sensation.  Anyone else?  I have a MW appt Saturday and I am debating whether to have her do an internal?  What do you think?

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Nikki, sounds like part of the plug, but there's lots and it does regenerate...  I've had tons of BHs with all my pregnancies - if they're painless, I don't think they do much other than exercise your uterus. :p


Jill, I don't get internals at my appointments, but I do check myself sometimes just to see if things are progressing...  Up to you - if you think the progress (or lack thereof) will set your brain up with false expectations, I'd say don't do it.  I only do it to keep an eye on things and so I'll have a better idea of when to go in in labor (since my prodromal seems to eventually meld into real labor and it can be hard to tell).

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I can say for me, the pressure in the pelvis is when baby decides she wants to be head down. She's still flipping around like crazy (seriously, how much room could I possibly have in there?!?), but I can always tell when she decides to hang out in the "right" spot because it feels like a bowling ball down there. When she's transverse I don't feel it. I don't know that an internal would tell you much at this point, you're due 3 days before me. My cervix is still so high I can't even reach it really! I'm definitely having stronger BHs these days too, although they're still really inconsistent and often dependent on the state of my bladder. ;) Speaking of which, all this flipping around is making me nervous. DS was head down from practically day one, I don't know why she's being so indecisive. I'm trying to do everything right...pelvic rocks, chiro, being mindful of my posture...
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Starting yesterday afternoon, all through the evening into this morning I have had the feeling of pressure in pelvis. I also had some pretty strong, but inconsistent BH (although with 90+ heat I think i was dehydrated a bit too).  Baby feels so low.  I don't remember this sensation.  Anyone else?  I have a MW appt Saturday and I am debating whether to have her do an internal?  What do you think?


I had the "bowling ball" feeling with DD and have it with this baby too. I think I just carry low in general though...or at least it appears that way to me. I don't like internal exams while pregnant at all so I would vote for no unless it would give you information that you would find helpful. And having said that, I'm likely going to get checked at my appointment this week...again so I can see what's going on to avoid induction!

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DS was head down virtually the entire time, but I still don't remember this amount of pressure (maybe just my memory at this point).  Its almost hard to sit at work right now. I feel like I need one of those donut things to sit on. 

Like you, GISDiva, this LO has been trying out alot of different positions, but since about 32/34 has been head down.   I did do some of the spinningbabies exercises but not consistently, so I am not sure how much it contributed to babies position now. 

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mama505 - thank you so much for sharing your experience. I'm planning to birth in the hospital, but I'm going to labour at home as long as possible.


Calladona - thank you! It really helps to hear from mamas who've done this before.

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