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Congratulations, Edelweiss! I'm so glad they are doing well. Healing wishes for you as you begin to recover.
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Edelweiss, congratulations!!!!!  So happy for you that you made it to 35.3 and that you've already nursed them!!!  Happy Babymoon!!


Calladona, this is my 4th too and I do not think I should be feeling so good, but I'm 5 yrs now past my last baby so I'm guessing thats why its like my body got a "reset".

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Congratulatulations, Edelweiss! Hope the NICU stay is short and how wonderful that they're nursing already!
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Congratulations Edelweiss! Wishing you all rest, love, and a speedy recovery!
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Congratulations, Edelweiss! I hope you get lots of cuddle time with your new little guys and the NICU stay is short! Hope you're not feeling too bad pain-wise from the cesarean. I found a pillow on my lap was a real helper when nursing.

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edelweiss, congrats!!  I'm SO glad they're doing so well! (nursed, on room air, awesome!)  Hoping they are out of the NICU and home with ASAP!


aim4balance, yeah, my body has had NO break...  My kiddos are 21 months, 20 months, and 19 months apart, so back to back to back to back... :)  My body is done!


lots of "strong BHs" today, but not too much prodromal.  I think.  I might be getting used to the painful contractions to where they just aren't hurting as much?  Discharge is increasing...  36 weeks tomorrow, so I'd like at least another week!

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That is great news Edelweiss! I hope everything continues to go so well. I will also join the chorus of people who have seen 35 weekers do great. I hope the boys are out of the NICU soon.

Crafty- you've got to be next!
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39 weeks today and I had a painful contraction at dinner tonight! It lasted less than 15 seconds, but hey! I'm still pumped that I had one.
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Originally Posted by Calladona View Post

Calladona-As weird as this is to admit with all the reading and research I've done, I did not know that. That explains the August 10/August 18 discrepancy at least.
Edelweiss- Congratulations!!!
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Congrats, Edelweiss!! You're only a week shy of when my singleton decided to come, water breaking and feet first, too. Hope you are all doing well!!
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welcome twin boys! your mama is one tough cookie, and she loves the two of you so much.
edelweiss, I'm so glad you nursed your sons, and it sounds like they are healthy! what were their weights?
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Congratulations to you and your new family of five! It's truly remarkable what you did to give your boys some extra time to develop and get ready for birth. So happy they're feeding and will hopefully be out of NICU for uninterrupted snuggles soon (tomorrow?!). And I wish you a smooth and quick recovery. Happy Birthday, boys!
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Come on Crafty, I'm pulling for you!! Strong labour vibes your way! I bet once baby is ready to go, it will go fast. Wishing you a smooth birth and a happy end to this limbo!
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Definitely Crafty's turn!
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Good morning.  I would like to send the prodromal labor I'm having today on to crafty.


Woke up to a big contraction, then contractions every 15-25 minutes while lying in bed (1.5-2 minutes long and pretty painful in my lower back).  Finally got up and got breakfast going and they went to 5-7 minutes, but only lasting about 30 seconds.  Sat down and went back to 15 minutes and a minute long.  Got up and back to 4-8 minutes, but now still a minute long... LOL


I am 36 weeks today and would really really like to make one more week here at least...  If I have another round like this, I may just call my mom to go ahead and come up (it's a 6 hour drive).  She wasn't planning to come for 2 more weeks though...


Trying not to stress, I got weeks of these rounds before my last...  But still...  I don't remember them being in my back like this...


(edited because I just saw carmen had her baby and doesn't need my contractions ;) )

Edited by Calladona - 7/27/13 at 4:52am
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I will take your prodromal. Honestly, I am stunned this baby isn't here. It's not gestational age at all, it's the signs of progress I've shown...without active labor. That red line thing I mentioned yesterday? Yeah, I don't know how much stock I'm putting in it now. It corresponded exactly for my sister, but today mine says I'm 13cm dilated. Really? I'm sitting on the couch and have not actually seen a baby fall out!nor do I suspect I have an alien cervix that dilates that big...the line is now wending its way up my back. Yesterday was a mucous fest. What is happening?!

Calladona, love to you to keep little Julia inside until the time is right for you both.
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Calladonna--that does sound frustrating. Happy 36 weeks, and I hope you can hold on to baby for another week plus.

To Crafty and her supercervix--- hopefully you are just gearing up to have a very smooth labor and delivery! I will be thinking of you today.

AFM- lots of BH yesterday and just tired. But somehow I have to find the energy to throw a birthday party today. I was talking to parents the other day and they were suggesting all this stuff I should do: hiring magicians, putting out art projects, etc. I feel so lazy. Can't we just do pool and pizza? Isn't that enough? Maybe if they or their kids get too demanding I'll kids start pulling out and setting up birth supplies, see how they like that. Yes, I have an attitude. Lol. I have gained a ridiculous amount of weight, it's over 100 degrees outside, and I hate food lately. I am 36.5 and would love to have baby here in 2 weeks. However I fear that all you ladies' babies will be rolling over and cutting teeth, and I'll still be pregnant!!!! I'll try to remember that pregnant goddess thing somebody wrote up thread. This is my last pregnancy and I guess I should enjoy it.

Now no pressure, Crafty, but you need to have that baby and give me something to believe in!! Ha ha :-)
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Calladona- I have a good friend who's last baby was like that. Just weeks of stops and starts. I know how frustrating that can be. I hope that you can find some comfort in that it probably means once you are in "active" labor, it should be short and sweet smile.gif
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Crafty- thanks for the laughs.  :) Glad to hear you're able to maintain a sense of humor.


Songbird- sending you energy for the party!


I've had some increase in discharge, but I've been on a nesting spree!

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Crafty, I got my husband to check for the red/purple line and I should be at about 8cm.... pretty sure I'm not! lol.gif   Hope things start to pick up for you!

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