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Originally Posted by Calladona View Post

mamapigeon, I had very little going on prior to my first VBAC - no dilation, not much in the way of mucus, my "normal" BHs that I had in the first pregnancy, along with one hour of crampy contractions in the night about a week out from the birth.  Anyway, I went into labor and gave birth 8 hours later with no complications.  I do attribute chiro to helping baby positioning for good labors.

That's really interesting, thanks for sharing!

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shesaidboom: Ask away!  As a FTM, I lost my mucus plug and thought my water broke (oops).  Rushed off to L&D just to be sent home. Wish i had this site then, so I could ask these very important questions :)

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This little troublemaker was breech again at my appt today :/ Dr. will turn baby tomorrow after the amnio if he doesn't turn tonight. Here is hoping.
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I hope he turned for you last night! Has he been moving a lot?

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Speaking of indecisive babies, over the last 24 hours I've felt hiccups in at least four completely different places.  This morning it's down low again, thank goodness, but wow, lots of other activity down there too today.  I usually don't get BH in the morning (for whatever reason), but they've been ramping up a bit and becoming every so slightly crampy in nature.  Not yet, NOT YET!  I'M NOT READY!  ROTFLMAO.gif


Hoping yours cooperates today, Stormi!!!

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Re: baby position and pressure down low...

I 'be been reluctant to believe this baby is head-down because I haven't had the pressure down low (bowling ball feeling accompanied by achy crotch, feeling like baby would fall out, and throbbing in legs) and hiccups firmly in pelvis that I remner from my last baby. Midwife confirmed that baby us definitely head- down, but that baby is still floating up high, which is why I'm not feeling the pressure. Because it's not my first, it may not engage until labor. Also, she said not to worry so much about where I'm feeling the hiccups, as the baby's back jerks with that movement as well, and the baby's back is larger than the head and closer to the surface, so I'm more likely to feel the strength of the movement there. I suspect the pressure is also less this time because I'm eating much healthier (although I didn't realise I was unhealthy the last two times) and so reckon this baby will be smaller than my last 9lb 11oz girl. wink1.gif

Stormi - Good luck with the flip, and keep us posted!
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I asked my sonographer yesterday about identifying baby position by hiccups and she said it's more for fun and they are so scrunched up they can really hiccup anywhere. My breech baby has very low hiccups in my pelvis and my transverse baby's are higher and closer by his shoulders.

I've decided to be thankful that Baby A is breech because I think it might be helping me not get dilated as much with all the ctx I have.

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I have hiccups all over, but I know she is firmly engaged and head down.  I don't think hiccups are a good indicator...

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Well, thanks for setting me straight on the hiccups thing, people were leading me to believe that it was more indicative of position than it really was.  One less thing to obsess over. ;)  


Someone just mentioned to me in the bathroom at work that she thought I had dropped and wondered how much longer.  I kind of thought the same thing this morning but wondered if I was imagining it, I guess not!  It's not way low, but something definitely changed overnight...

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lurk.gif  I love reading all of these updates!


Baby keeps going between head down and breech, which is kind of making me batty. I guess it gives me a chance to get better at my baby part identification though. Kind of nervous now about gearing up for labor because it looks like DH might be going out of the country for 2 weeks soon... I'll be 35 weeks on Saturday. uhoh3.gif

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Oh exciting GISdiva.
So baby did not cooperate but luckily the ob yesterday was not very clear and I ate breakfast this morning so they did not want to spend time turning baby to have him just turn back tonight. Which is what I questioned the ob about yesterday whether they would break my water once baby was in position she said no which didn't make sense to me.
Anyway because I ate the didn't want to turn/induce me in case I would need a csection. Little man was switching between transverse and breech during the ultrasound. So I am hoping that he will be head down for tomorrow.
Had the amnio today, I was tricked into thinking it was virtually painless. It probably didn't help that baby mister was trying to cuddle with the needle :-/ now just waiting to get the results from that. But should be good for 630am tomorrow.
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I am only 36 weeks, but have been feeling major pressure on my cervix and lots of warm up contractions that get painful at times.  The baby's shoulders are resting on my pelvis.  I feel closer than 4 weeks away, but I know that's just how it goes sometimes... 

This is a fun thread! Thanks for starting it.

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Jillgayle - I am so grateful for this site. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.


Stormikris - I hope babe ends up turning.



Is it normal for Braxton Hicks or practice contractions to be quite painful? I've had to breathe through several of them, but no pattern so it's not real labour. I'm also only 36 weeks so I'm probably gearing up for 4 more weeks of this!

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For me the hiccups have been a very accurate indicator.  Maybe its just that there are other movements that resemble hiccups making it harder to pinpoint the hiccups?  Every single visit where I thought my baby had flipped *solely* b/c of hiccups I was right.  She has been head down now since my last few chiro appts and I am so happy about that!!  She has also gotten lower.  Last night I had a great Reiki treatment and a massage and had 4 really good strong BH contractions or early contractions, they weren't just down low, but I also know I'm still in the "warm-up" to labor phase at 37.5 weeks.  I'm measuring a week ahead so I'd be ok if I went soon but I also want baby girl to spend as much time in the oven as she needs to!


Stormikris I really hope your baby turns!!  I know how you feel it can be so frustrating.  I did some of the exercises on spinningbabies.com and of course went to a chiro trained in Webster technique and since then she has turned head down and stopped flipping.  


My youngest child right now is 5, so I've had a long break from giving birth and I have to say I almost feel like newbie again!  I see pics of my friends who just gave birth and it still dumbfounds me that what is inside me right now looks just like their newborn babies.  I cannot wait to meet my baby girl.  I'm trying hypnobirthing for the first time with this pregnancy and hoping I can breathe baby down and out.  My other 3 births were great (last 2 super fast and smooth) but transition and getting baby to descent was the most trying parts and I'd love to be able to do it more easily.

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I just know I'm going to stare at my babies in shock realizing I had two in me this whole time even though I've known since 10weeks.


I think my spotting/bleeding was just from the rough cervical exam because it's all gone now, just tons of CF. Every day they can stay in helps so I'm glad to be at 34-2.

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Originally Posted by aim4balance View Post


My youngest child right now is 5, so I've had a long break from giving birth and I have to say I almost feel like newbie again!


Same here!


Good to hear, Edelweiss.  I mean, no more blood, not the excessive moisture.  *lol*


So, shows how much I know.  Had a midwife appointment last night, "Baby is definitely head down and *really* engaged, LOA!"  Well, alrighty then!  That would explain all those heavy, almost crampy feelings yesterday.  I am at 36 weeks next week and my midwife is going on vacation.  She strictly prohibited us from having sex while she's gone.  I almost laughed really loud because there wasn't much of that going on anyway.  Of course it was all I could think about last night after she said that...

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I'm 39 weeks tomorrow. Yesterday my MW tried a stretch n sweep but couldn't stretch me yet. My cervix is anterior, soft but long, about 1cm open, and fairly low, with baby's head sitting right on top! As she was sweeping, baby kept kicking her other hand on top of my tummy! We had a good chuckle about that and then discussed what I can do to help things along. She gave me two very safe and natural options: eat pineapples or DTD lol. Well last night DH and I didn't go the pineapple route lol. It was pretty funny trying to get the geometry to work out. I did have contractions between 9pm and 2 am but I was able to sleep through them. Today I'm having more twinges so we're packing up the two year old and are gonna walk the mall. It's stupid hot and humid out: 35C with humidex making it feel like 45C! As much as I want to go into labour, I don't want to get heatstroke or pass out so indoors we'll stay. Wish me luck!
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Edelweiss I would feel the same way if I were carrying twins!  Totally amazing to have 2 brand new babies inside of you!  I'm glad any bleeding passed that is great.


GISdiva glad to know I'm not the only one feeling like I'm doing this for the first time again.  


skycheattraffic good luck to you!!  If I were you I'd probably have sex again just to move things along.  We have sex during all of our pregnancies though...I actually think it is super fun b/c there is never any worries (meaning, worries if I were trying to get pg or trying to avoid getting pg).  Have fun thats how baby got there in the first place!!!

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Aim4balance I just wish I didn't have major touch aversion during pregnancy. Even cuddling with my 2 year old can feel overwhelming and uncomfortable so sex is purely a wham bam, thank you ma'am; baby get out thing lol
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How's it coming along Skycheat? 

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