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Yay, Mama505! You're definitely one of the "water spontaneously breaking" club. wink1.gif Easy labor vibes!
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Originally Posted by somegirl99 View Post

Yay Mama505, easy labor vibes to you!  goodvibes.gif

Lady and cardigan, fingers crossed for smooth inductions and labors!  goodvibes.gif

emcol, that is just awful!   You must have been furious and so stressed out. hug2.gif

Yes, this! Thinking of all you awesome mamas going through one of life's most amazing moments, possibly as I type, but very soon in any case. Can't wait to read your announcements/stories. Vibing you all!
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Emcol: that sounds ghastly!

I'm all tethered up in hospital. It took me about all of 10 min last night to say to husband "next baby is at a birth center or home birth!" I hate the IV. They've been upping my pit every 20 min, to no avail. The nurses are lovely so that is a huge blessing. there are a lot of comments about having baby today or tomorrow.
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Cardigan- that sucks. Will they take you off if nothing continues to happen so you can go home and sleep?
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Thinking of all the ladies in labor today! joy.gif   I hope all is going well and you have lovely experiences!

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Thinking of all of you in labor today! ELV. Cardigan-I hope things start progressing soon, so you can lose the tether.

AFM, my 40 wk appt with my midwife is in a few hrs. I think I will have her check me this time (I've declined checks thus far). Then I meet with the chiropractor for my weekly adjustment. I'm having much more aching in my lower back today.
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Cardigan - I hope things go smoothly and startp picking up.

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Emcol- OMG!!!! I second whoever said ghastly. That doctor would not have fared very well if that had happened to us. I have never seen my DH punch anyone, but he claims it's been a very effective a-hole deterrent in his life. Ha! Here's hoping he gets some kind of professional-type facepunch for what he put you through. So sorry! My DS was born spontaneously (it didn't feel that spontaneous!) at 41+ 6. Keep the faith!

Mama505, Cardigan, and Ladykelacy- thinking of you all today, wishing you satisfying labors and births, and look forward to hearing your baby announcements! And GraysMama, hope you join them!
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At 12:27AM our little boy finally made it into the world. 7lb 13oz, 20" long. Induction/delivery did not go like how my OB and I had discussed previously and his stand in at the hospital was anything but gentle when it came time to push our little man out. I was practically held down upside down to push and she made me scream, neither of my other deliveries were that painful. All said and done, my little boy is out and adorable ad healthy, if I do say so myself. My blood pressure is still high and my bp is still low but baby boy os fabulous, latching well, and has a totally reversed time clock, lol.
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Congratulations on your healthy baby boy, ladykelacy! I'm sorry about the rough birth experience, though. I hope you can process some of these things and voice your complaints as you take the time to heal.
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Big congrats on your sweet little boy, Ladykelacy! I'm sorry about the rough OB though. hug.gif
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Congrats ladykelacy on your boy! joy.gif  I am sorry that the birth experience did not go as you wanted. hug.gif

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Congrats Ladykelacy!

I had 9 hrs of cervodil and 10 hrs of pitocin, and, drumroll please, I've dilated to 1cm. Dr also stripped my membranes. They stop the pit in 1.5 hrs. I get an hour of food/disconnectedness/ etc. Tonite, they try the cytotec, and more pitocin in the morning. Doula and Dr are optimistic. There is no talk of AROM or csection yet, thank goodness.
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Cardigan, have you read up about Cytotec?  I would not do it if it were me.  Even the manufacturer recommends against using it for labor induction.



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Congrats, Ladykelacy! I'm glad your little one finally arrived, and very sorry about the poor treatment you received. hug2.gif


Cardigan, I'm rooting for you. Are you allowed to walk around? That might be your best bet for getting dilated.

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Congrats Lady! So sorry for the rough handling.

Cardigan, that's a hard row to to hoe. Was your Bishop Score high?
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This is more updated fda thingy http://www.fda.gov/Safety/MedWatch/SafetyInformation/ucm330991.htm
(I freaked out out a couple days ago before finding the 2012 FDA update).

Walked in circles for a good 40 min, and had delicious dinner. Will shower now before the fun begins again.

Last checked (4 hrs ago) I was not effaced, but baby had dropped to -1.
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Ladykelacy - Congratulations! I am so happy that you're holding your little boy. I'm sorry the birth experience isn't what you'd hoped/prepared for. Hopefully you're able to process it and get to a good place (perhaps writing to the hospital about the rough treatment from the doc would help?). I wish you a smooth recovery. And Happy Birthday, little bloke!

Cardigan - I'm sorry to hear the induction isn't going as smoothly as you'd hoped. Sounds exhausting and frustrating. I hope gravity works wonders and that you're able to avoid the cytotec induction (like somegirl99, I've read about the concerns). Sending you a strong surge of labor and birth vibes!
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Ladykelacy - congratulations on your beautiful son. I am sorry for the birth experience, though. I hope you're able to heal from that and work through it all.


Cardigan - I wish you labor that progresses very soon!

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My cervix is cast iron! Cytotec got me 50% effaced, and weird contx rhythm but no serious gains. Pitocin back on, and its current lite dose is causing more discomfort than it was yesterday at full throttle! my mother flies in today and hopefully I'll have baby in next 12 hrs before her arrival.
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