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We're just trying to send you into labour, Mama505 wink1.gif
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You all are too funny.  I think my body is trying to clear itself out today, that or it was the mexican food I ate yesterday, but I'm pretty sure I've never reacted that way.  I ate the same thing I usually do.  So here is to hoping.  I'm 38 weeks today.  thumb.gif

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With all this gearing up for labor, is anyone going to be left from the August Due Date Club to have a baby in August? wink1.gif

You all have to promise to come back and visit those of us not due until the end of the month and keep us company in between feeding, diapers, and general newborn insanity/exhaustion. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by EA77 View Post

With all this gearing up for labor, is anyone going to be left from the August Due Date Club to have a baby in August? wink1.gif


no kidding! Although with DD my MD said to be prepared for her "any day" (not based on exam because he never gave me a cervical check) but I thought "any day now!" after 36 weeks and 5 weeks later I was still PG (41-1 she finally came).

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Technically I'm double dipping in DDC's because I'm due July 26th but went late last time and suspect I will again. There's a huge list of happy mamas and lovely babies already in the July DDC so I totally feel your pain, EA77! I promise I'll be around after I pop but I suspect some legit August mamas will pop before I do. 39 weeks today, feeling like I've been pregnant for years...
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Same here as skycheat (my EDD is 7/29 though), but I have never made an appearance in the July DDC (originally calculated my EDD from LMP as 8/2). My family and personal history is that of slow-cookers, so while I'd be *delighted* to have this baby ASAP, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be a legit August mama. Optimism only gets you so far in the babymaking business
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Yoma, how are you today??  My mw said if I was being woken up at night with pain in my back from braxton hicks, baby was probably sunny side up.  Do you know that about your baby?  


Ea77 and Edelweiss my midwife keeps warning me she sees tons of 4th babies born to mamas later than usual (meaning, later than they usually have babies)--I've always gone what I call "on time", in the 39th week.  I have 2 friends with 5 kids and not only were both their 5th babies breech for awhile at the end, but they both went almost 2 weeks past their DD.  Even at 37.5 weeks now I'd be fine if baby girl wanted to wait until August, but b/c of the consistent braxton hicks contractions that are getting stronger and more like early labor I'm guessing I won't fall into the later-than-usual pattern.  But who knows?!


BTW--did any of you full-term'ers notice that Monday is a full moon?!?!  :)

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Ugh, I am spotting this morning and nothing's been near my cervix since Sunday when my OB checked it. I hope this isn't a sign labor is about to begin. It's DD's birthday today, too and I feel like punching the few people who suggested how cool it would be to have the twins arrive on her b-d (why is it cool to have babies at 34 wks???)

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OMG, Edelweiss you are giving me some good laughs. I just can't imagine you punching anybody but yes I understand your frustration. 


aim4balance, I don't know if baby is sunny-side or not but two of my six have been born this way. 


I am beginning to dread night time, as it seems this is when contractions flare up, and things get really heavy and uncomfortable. I found out the birth ball doesn't help, the heating pack doesn't help, can't try massage as DH is usually long sleep but the only thing that brings a little relief is sitting on toilet.  

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Well, I feel like punching somebody....didn't say I'd do it. I have some low back ache and crampiness but some of that could be from the magnesium I take, too. Blah. I wish I could relax and enjoy DD's birthday. I am praying praying praying these little guys stay in longer.

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Praying for your little ones to stay in there for a few more weeks at least, Edelweiss!!
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Thank you coffee! I would love to make it to 36+ but if we have them at 34-4, we'll just make the best of it. I  doing everything in my control to keep them in and I just can't help everything. I am a bundle of nerves.

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Edelweiss I wish I could give you the last few days until my EDD; keep yours in longer and get mine out sooner. Everyone wins! Now if only it worked like that... Sigh
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Edelweiss, A glass of wine?  Something to help your body relax and ease your anxiety?

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I'm with mama, edelweiss. The wine can actually help slow contractions, not just reduce your stress level smile.gif
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We don't have any wine but I understand. Maybe I"ll take a bath or something. And we just got the hospital bill from my 2 nights I stayed in June. Another reason to not go back tonight if we don't have to...


I think I just need someone to tell me to chill out and that they'll be OK even if they came tonight. I know 34-4 is early and another week would help so much but I think I'm just getting myself more worked up by worrying about each contraction and bit of bloody CM that it is making it worse. I know babies born this early or earlier who had NICU time and then did very well. Of course I'd prefer no NICU time, who wouldn't? but if they're OK, and I can't do anything more (side lying, taking my meds, drinking lots, peeing all the time, praying) then I think I just need to tell myself to relax. I have done everything I can for these babies and have eaten so much protein this PG and I just cannot control when they come beyond what I am already doing.

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34.4 is a pretty late premie. The most likely problems they would have at this point are things like temperature control and feeding issues, (a lot of the other issues- glucose issues, jaundice stem from feeding problems.) Both of those can be seriously helped and mitigated by Skin to skin time-"kangaroo care."

As helpless as it feels for you now, try to remember even if they come a little early, there are things you can do for them that will help them greatly, and help them continue to grow and thrive. It will just be on the outside.
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Thanks Banana  - just what I needed to hear. I haven't had too many ctx today, it's mostly been the pink and red CM that's been scaring me. Hoping it's nothing or that we can at least keep the babies in a bit longer. I really want to make it to my 35 week appt on Tues.

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Hang in there Edelweiss, you'e just a few days behind me.  I celebrated when I hit 35 weeks yesterday - officially to "late pre-term".  Then I got some crazy contractions, but nothing that went anywhere...  2 more weeks for us both!!

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Edelweiss fingers crossed for you that you make it to your appt on Thurs.  Don't forget due dates/your weeks pregnant are still just estimates...from a gestational standpoint your babies may be a little further along than you know.  I second taking long baths and a little wine.  

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