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Leaking ... tips, tricks, solutions?

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hi all,
we're at nearly 7 weeks and bfing has been going pretty well with a few bumps in the road. the main thing that is hard and frustrating now is that i am still leaking copiously from the opposite breast and also have random letdowns that will soak a shirt in minutes. baby is feeding 100% at the boob and on demand. i need ideas for how to deal with the milk.

- disposable pads. have tried 3 brands and Lansinoh is the only thing that really gives me any security. however they are pricey, don't work with all shirts, and recently have been bothering my nipples a lot.

- cloth pads. got some used from someone - immediately soak through

- wool pads. either immediately soak through even when double layered OR if they are not held closely enough to my breast they divert the milk around the edge of the pad... soaked the entire BACK of my shirt once... you just have to laugh.

- boob pressure works only sometimes and only if i keep pressure on during entire feed, which is impractical or impossible and chancey.

- lilypadz work sometimes but they make my boobs sweat which releases them and a strong letdown will pop them right off. yikes.

at home i just stuff a cloth diaper (flats) in my shirt but i need something more workable for out and about. especially if this is my reality for the next 6 or 12 months...

major gratitude to anyone with new ideas!!!
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Wow, seems those would have been my various recommendations! Supply should level off at 3-4 months. I hope that a member can give you some helpful advice!
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The only thing that ever worked for me were disposable pads too, but you're right they aren't that comfortable long term. I would use them when I went out and wool pads around home.
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Well its not pretty or remotely as small/comfortable as they make it out to be, but those milk catchers (sorry totally drawing a blank on the name here and mine'ss packed away god knows where) that are silicone and there's a hole that goes around the nipple to divert everything into a cup, works pretty well.  I got one towards the end of my heavy milk flow and while DD would nurse on one side, I'd shove this thing on the other boob, and on a good day I could easily catch an ounce of milk before she was ready to move to #2 (she was a heavy feeder from about 3mos on, still does 2 boobs although the supply is MUCH less now at 20mos in!) and as long as I rememebered to pull it out and pour the milk into a waiting bottle to store it, it wasn't messy at all.  Of course I started to get forgetful a few weeks in and would bend over to put her down or whatever, and out the milk would come all over the place.  Oops!  I also, pre-double boob feedings, would sometimes at night have her nurse on one side while I pumped the other.  Other than that I used the disposable inserts while out and really tried to either get her to feed when things got too full, or got to pumping to avoid the pain.  That 3-5mos span was the worst, but then it just stopped, no more random leaks, no more waking up in a puddle in bed...I had started sleeping on a bed pad - thank god my husband is a firefighter and was able to yank a stretcher pad to cover the mattress pre-birth (it saved the mattress for water breaking!) and was a life saver for not having to change the sheets daily.  Good luck!

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The milk catchers are called Milkies smile.gif I haven't tried them myself but I would like to. I use all of the above pads (Except the lily pads). I find the cotton soak through easily and the disposables are unbreathable and can get a little itchy especialy the Medela. I like Lansinoh so far but again not breathable. I have bamboo pads which seem to work best. I have also started using bamboobies which seem to work well so far. Plus they are comfortable and thin. I think my nursing bra in combination with pads are helping me. My leaking is sporatic though. Sometimes it's a lot and others it's not at all. Good to learn that it levels out around 3 months. My LO is gonna be 9 weeks so maybe my flow will level out soon. I do have a question though. This is my first child, will I leak at all later on? Do I need to wear breast pads for as long as I am nursing?
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I stopped leaking, oh sometime between 7 and 8 mos I think.  At 20 mos now and even when I start her on my not-so-lactating side, the heavy one doesn't leak ever.  Now I just have the uni-boob effect, lovely when wearing a bathing suit lol

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I echo the others with the milkie! I leaked so bad with my first, I wish I had known about the milkie! Im 25 weeks with #2 and I've already got mine ready to go! I'm so ecited not to have to go throuh so many pads, and to save all of that milk! Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Fitgirl11 View Post

I do have a question though. This is my first child, will I leak at all later on? Do I need to wear breast pads for as long as I am nursing?

Remotely possible but very unlikely. smile.gif
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Thanks for all the replies! Do the milkies work on the go or do you use them mostly at home? About how much can it hold?

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It says on the package that the reservoir hold 2+ oz of milk, and that the average nursing mom leaks 1-4 oz. I would thonk this would work best at home or at a friend/ relatives house where you can have sone privacy and rinse it. Not for out in public. Made In the USA, dishwasher safe and only $25.95 at nickis diapers where I got mine! Sorry, epi.ds like a salea pitch... Lol
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Hi all, thanks again for all the input. I wanted to update in case it's helpful for anyone who stumbles onto this thread. We're at 12 weeks now and the leaking is somewhat better.


- The totally random letdowns are fairly rare now - maybe 4-6/week - and I have realized I usually have enough notice that I can get pads down my shirt before I actually start spraying! (Oh motherhood, so dignified.) This means that I don't have to keep pads in at all times, just that I have to have them close to hand in my bag.


- For a while I was using medium weight maxipads torn in half - cheaper than actual nursing pads. Downside - not as nice a fit (would be visible under some shirts for sure) and where it's torn in half, the moisture can wick onto your clothing. However, they are *very* absorbent - the only pads that are as absorbent that I've found are Lansinoh, which are also much more expensive.


- Sometimes I wear one nursing pad at a time - I still leak a lot from the opposite breast when nursing, so I'll have that pad on and leave it when we're done nursing (F is a one-boob-per-session nurser). Then the fuller breast is covered (which is also the one that would be a real problem with random let-downs) and it also helps me remember which boob is next without having to heft them around ROTFLMAO.gif Furthermore, this means that each boob is uncovered about half the time, which is easier on my nipples. I tend to do this strategy if I'm wearing the baby in a carrier that makes it hard to get my hands into my shirt for emergency letdowns.


- at home I still mostly use a flat cloth diaper, which is more eco-friendly. I did some shopping for better cloth pads (eg bamboo, etc) but ultimately decided against them - maybe for the next baby :)


There's also one other item I thought I'd mention - something like this: http://www.amazon.de/Medela-008-0239-Milchauffangschale-2-St%C3%BCck/dp/B0027YNSWO/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_S_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=28QXXLAHL7DXD&coliid=I96EBEMCPDULY


I don't use nursing bras so these wouldn't work for me on the go, but might for some people. I have a similar set that I use to catch and store extra milk at home sometimes - a similar idea to the Milkies but a little more discrete/self-contained and easy on the nipple.

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Great update, thanks for posting!
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