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Focusing on the spirit!

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I have wanted to start this thread for a while, but I keep making excuses about how I don't have time to write. And to be honest, I have already been online longer than I should be at work BUT I really feel the need to start the thread...and I just hope y'all will jump in and start writing and sharing the special ways that you nurture your spirit and your baby's spirit during pregnancy.


I have found myself praying more. In the morning, I give thanks for the day and for the life within me.  


I also have started practicing my self-hypnosis, and for me this is a purely spiritual practice. 


And yes, yoga...although it is harder for me to really relax into the spirit since my DS is usually trying to climb on/under/around me.


Although it happens rarely, I really like it when DS sits quietly on my lap, and we practice breathing together. I tell him we are giving the baby a sweet, comforting hug.


So much of pregnancy can be focused on our physical health and practicalities of shopping and planning, etc. etc.  Let's take time to appreciate this unimaginably beautiful process that we are living!

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I love this! There's a fear in the back of my mind that this is the last time I'll be pregnant and I'm not slowing down enough to enjoy and appreciate the process. I often worry about what kind of role-model I'm being to DD because I'm focusing so much on all that needs to be done without slowing down to appreciate life.


A couple of days ago when I did the DVD workout, she ends it by relaxing back into a bunch of pillows and saying "connect to your baby". It hit me in that moment that I've been obsessed with diet/exercise/birth/getting the place ready/etc. that until that moment I have not really connected with my unborn baby.


And I love the prayer part. I was raised by strict and religious parents (they loosened up by the time my siblings came) so I kind of rebelled against religion. But part of me misses the spiritual part, the praying and being thankful for what we have. I was reading a blog by a mother who is Christian and every night before bed, her daughter says her prayers. She shares some of the stuff her daughter says. I remember feeling a twinge of regret that I'm not giving DD a similar experience. Perhaps one does not need to belong to a particular religion to pray and be thankful...

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Lilykay, I think that prayer and thanksgiving can be special even without a particular religion. As a child I found singing praises to be comforting and I sing and pray now as a way to relax.

I spend some time each morning reading a chapter from Proverbs in the Bible. There are 31 chapters so each day of the month I review the Proverbs for the day. I sing while I rub my belly and then I often talk to the babies before I pray.
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Lilykay, we do not identify with any one particular religion. We are trying to raise our DS to understand the importance of gratitude and thanksgiving. So before every meal we ask him to say grace. He says thank you for what every comes to his mind.  Usually he looks around the table and lists what he sees.  It makes for some funny moments. We have asked him to include a thank you for family. Lately he'll list a few specifics and then say "thank you for stuff." He is real proud of himself coming up with that one.

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This is why I have to get myself to my prenatal yoga class...just breathing and focusing on the miracle of baby and our connection for an undivided hour is such a blessing.  Maybe not all prenatal yoga classes feel spiritual, but this one does.

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Jenny, I do yoga alone at home, but every once in a while I turn on the prenatal DVD just to hear the teacher's soothing voice reminding me to focus on the baby.  Glad to hear you have a found a good class! (Somehow I missed your post from 2 wks ago, so sorry for the delayed reply!)


Last night I had allowed myself a chunk of time to really practice self-hypnosis.  What a blessing to be able to sit and breath and be quiet with the baby! 


I just got a copy of Birthing from Within from the library. I am so excited to start reading it!

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