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EC and BFing order on waking for 7 wk old

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We've been doing EC for a few weeks with pretty good success. I'm wondering what you do when your LO wakes up both really having to go AND really hungry.

--If we EC first, she is miserable crying waiting to nurse (but will still go copious amounts).

--If we BF first, we often have a big miss in her diaper as she relaxes with nursing.


The obvious answer is do both at the same time, but I have not been able to figure out the mechanics for that. So, help with that or other thoughts/suggestions/ideas are welcome. Thanks!!

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potty bowl between your knees or even an open diaper under her bum. Unlatch her the moment she starts to go to acknowledge that she's going and we don't eat when we're peeing ;-)  If you start signalling as soon as you see the pee, she'll start associating the signal with going.


I had to EC in the hospital for a couple weeks with my youngest (NICU) and couldn't have a potty in there, so I just used diapers as potties (often disposables because the nurses measure all "output")

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Second that...nurse and potty at the same time.


But if any of you have photos, I would really appreciate seeing this maneuver...I just can't seem to get the angle right with the potty between my legs and then I get all hunched over and my back hurts. And then the pees seems to shoot out onto the bed...well, I'll just say I am not quite a pro yet. blush.gifshrug.gifrolleyes.gif

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I just bumped a thread with a picture of nursing and pottying. I can't get the link to work.
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I wanted to update this thread with our progress! Baby is 12 weeks now and EC has gotten a lot easier as she has gotten used to it, and as we have learned to read her signs better - also, I think, just as she has gotten a little older and is able to wait a few minutes to start nursing.


- figuring out how to potty her right there in our bedroom (we co-sleep) at night was a huge help. we got a plastic potty which I set it on the bed between my legs, then undo her diaper right where she's lying, and pop her on the pot facing me. i can sort of hug her while she's sitting on it which she finds calming.


- learning that when she starts stirring is the time to go ahead and potty her then nurse, rather than waiting until she is totally awake and crying. in retrospect this seems obvious, but i think we were thinking, oh, we shouldn't wake her up - wait until she wakes up by herself.


- interspersing our cue sound with lots of gentle talking/singing/encouragement helps her calm down if she cries a little at first.


I think the main thing, though, was avoiding having to get up and go to the bathroom sink. This had to wait until we weren't heading to the living room to nurse (I think when I wrote this post we were still finessing latch issues and nursing sitting up at night). Once we could nurse in bed, I realized we could also potty in bed, so the whole thing is quite and dark and that helps a lot.


Curiously, at night we always do potty then nurse, whereas during the day it's usually nurse then potty. Is that the same for anyone else?


Now I have to brag ... earlier tonight before I went to bed I heard her stirring, went in and pottied her (a nice big pee) and got her re-diped without her ever waking up! I love tending to her needs with EC! :)

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Very cool. Thanks for the update.
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thanx for the update! sounds like you're getting into a good groove =)


I can't remember the order of how things went for my kids, but a babe is more likely to be woken up by needing to pee than by hunger.

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