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Breastfeeding, pumping and going back to work

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Hi folks,  I'm looking for some feedback and experience from other mothers.  My plan is for my baby to breastfeed exclusively until 6 months and then to continue breastfeeding for as long as we can and want to.  I will be going back to work when my baby is 3 months old and have the option of taking him with me to the office.  I will probably do this so we can keep breastfeeding and to save on childcare.  There may be certain days when I have a meeting or activity I can't bring him to, so he will probably be with his dad or another caretaker for a half-day every once in a while.  Does anyone have experience taking their baby to the office?  I've read about it some and it sounds like babies usually don't cause much hassle in the office - since they cry way less if they are with mama and getting breastfed and changed on demand.  For the most part I'd probably keep him on me in a sling while I worked at my computer and maybe have something near my desk I can lay him down on every once in a while.


But I have also figured that I will want to pump milk some.  Obviously, I will need to for the times when I have to leave him with Dad or another caretaker so I can go to a work activity that might not be the best to take him to.  And I figure that he will spend some time alone with Dad if I want to go out on my own for a bit.  So we will probably want a few feedings worth of pumped milk on hand most of the time, but won't necessarily be going through as much as a mom who is returning to work without her baby. I guess I'm really confused about how to make a pumping schedule around this?  Should I just pump whenever needed to keep 3-4 feedings worth of milk on hand at all times? (Does that seem like enough if it is unlikely we will be apart for more than 4 hours at a time?)


If that is all the pumping I will really be doing, do I need a fancy electronic pump?  Would a hand pump be enough?

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I was able to take my daughter to work with me until she got bigger and more active and I realized I needed some time in the office where I could work uninterrupted. (I had this idea that she would sleep a, lot of the time.. And she did, but only if I held/wore her, which is great, but complicated things at times!) I think we moved her to part-time day care around 7.5 months, a few days a week, and then my hubby & I took turns having her with us, so at that point she needed more milk & I had to pump more often. I honestly can't say I ever got into a real routine with pumping. I had oversupply issues those first few months, so sometimes i pumped just enough to relieve some pressure and ended up with a decent amount in the freezer. it was a bigger issue down the line when she was getting closer to a year and that freezer stash was low... had to make sure I remembered to pump enough for those days she was in day care. once she hit a year, I transitioned her to cows milk while at day care.
In the situation you are describing, I think having 3-4 servings on hand would be sufficient ( tho the tricky part is figuring out how much they'll eat in your absence! without fail, no matter how much I leave for my son, he guzzles the whole bottle down and looks for more, and dh has to thaw some from the freezer. I stay at home since the birth of the boy. smile.gif.) I'd think the less expensive pump would work, though I don't have any experience with those to be able to make any recommendations.
Oh, and for what it's worth, I'm still nursing my daughter, who will turn 3 in September ( yup, tandem nursing with her and my son.) never really planned it that way, planned to make it to a year, as recommended, and then see what happened. but it's a rewarding experience on so many levels, and she still seems to need the comfort of it. ( when you have a newborn who needs to eat every 2-3 hours, you may question why anyone would want to do long term breastfeeding, but get past those first few months and it gets so much easier! :-) And it helps with a lot of toddler melt down situations. a great tool to have!)

( typing on my phone, and the formatting is acting really weird for some reason, so please ignore all the extra spaces and any other typos!)
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Thanks for the feedback, Tekagirl!  Good to hear from a mom who took their baby back to work with them.

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