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Safe/natural mosquito repellant for babe

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My 7 month old gets eaten alive by Mosquitos, they always seem to find any spot that's not 100% covered up. What is a natural and safe spray or remedy that works well at repelling the little buggers? I've seen citronella spray, but am not sure if that's a no-no for a small babe.
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I have the same problem with my 9 month old.  He's just so juicy sweet I guess.  Unfortunately, I have yet to find anything that works.  I have recently gotten a bit scared by West Nile Virus, so I am not sure what to do next, the natural stuff in my experience does not seem to work on him, and tends to be really too essential oil smelling.  I try not to put him in the grass as much, as that tends to be where the mosquitoes hid in my backyard, I guess I don't know either...

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Bump. I'm interested in this too. Any ideas?
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I bought some California Baby stuff at Whole Foods for our vacation last year, and she got eaten alive. I'm not sure if the bug spray didn't work or if she got munched during a time when somebody had forgotten to spray her. I'll have to drag it out of the closet and try it again... she's starting to get more bites again now, poor thing. 

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I have heard (but not tried) That catnip, the essential oil will work better than deet.

However it would smell like catnip and essential oils are expensive, I would use the catnip i have growing and just rub the fresh leaves on to the skin. This would not be as strong but more practical/cheep.

It's at least worth a try.

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I recently read this little infographic and loved it. http://alittlecampy.com/are-you-a-mosquito-magnet-infographic/

I haven't gotten a chance to try anything yet but now I know why I always got bit even when I set up citronella candles around my house! I think the peppermint oil is the route I'll go later this summer.

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Check this product out from Avon.  It goes on like a Cream and is a all around bug guard. Also read the reviews.  It looks good.

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