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Do you tell moms breastfeeding is easier than formula feeding? - Page 5

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For me, BFing was way, way easier than formula. It didn't agree with my son either-he was constipated a LOT. Mixing bottles at 3 AM was never any fun either and really highlighted the difference for me-all you have to do when night nursing is turn over!

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I don't tell anything moms about this issue.

but I am convinced that formula feeding is way more complicated, once breastfeeding is initiated.


I have a very close friend who ff  her baby (has medical contraindication to bf) and I bf mine. we are out together often.

my diaper bag is mini, hers is huge. She has to bring bottles (and to avoid plastic, they are glass ones, so heavy and could brake). formula. special water. her baby, during a long period, only tolerated pre-mixed formula from the store. so big volumes of formula needed to be carried around.

we would be sitting at the restaurant together,she will watch the clock to decide if she should start warming the milk. because if she waits until baby asks for it, by the time it is warmed, baby would be very upset. so she asks for hot water in a cup. the waitress needs explanation of size of cup and volume/temperature of the water. half of the time it is not a big enough cup to put the bottle in.

need to wait for another one. then warming the bottle, verifying 2 or 3 times that it is warm enough. sometime,s we are talking at the restaurant, and she forgets about her warming bottle, then it gets too hot, and she needs to wait,so it cools down. then she tries to give it to baby. sometimes baby takes it, sometimes refuses, and she needs to start all over again in an hour. often baby will drink just half of it. so it still needs to be packed and carried in case she needs it later.

I just put baby to the breast. it takes 2 seconds to <<prepare>> the food.

feeding my baby was the simplest part of traveling.we traveled a lot with our breastfed babies to different continents, frequent airplanes, frequent plan changes.

it was very complicated for my friend to travel. In fact, she avoided or delayed trips just because of feeding issues.


but if mom stays at home all day long, them maybe FF is as easy as BF.


I would have lost a lot of freedom if I was FF. less spontaneous plan changes. more stress.


For my formula feeding friend, breastfeeding seems is way easier. Now that her baby is a toddler, she doesn't realize how breastfeeding now would make her life easier also. there are so many times that I see her toddler tired, cranky, overwhelmed, hungry, on a verge of tantrum etc. And I know that in all those cases, I would nurse my toddler, and the issue is resolved.

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I have said that breast is easier than bottles, not trying to convince anyone one way or another. I thought bottles were easy until I got used to nursing. The next bottle baby I nannied showed me how much easier breast was.


That said, the first few weeks of nursing can be hard. I usually tell people that if they can get past the beginning, it's worth it.

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I tell moms that - largely - breastfeeding is designed to be easier than formula... but to be open to the specifics of their own situation, and then be accepting of their personal trials and journeys. as nothing about raising a baby follows a mathematical formula. montrealmt.com

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In terms of which is "easier", they both have pros and cons.

In terms of which is better, breastfeeding wins hands down.
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I think that depends on your individual situation and how you define "better". I can think of plenty of people for whom breastfeeding isn't "better". 

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I think elitegoddess is meaning healthier? in terms of "better", overall, not easier.  For most moms/babies, the health benefits outweigh not bf.   Yes, in today's world there are chemical overlays in our milk, but we can also look at all the good it does for mom and baby, and even more, the family, when cost/sick days etc start being added in.  


  Any bf a mom tries is good, short or long.  I'd recommend anyone wanting to bf, read as much as possible, spend time with other bf moms, attend some meetings/nursing mom groups etc.  There will be many personal exp about how "hard" or "easy" the first few weeks were, overcoming problems, going back to work, nicu etc. 


Breastfeeding is to some a personal decision, and to others a definite health choice.  

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Originally Posted by hippy mum View Post

Breastfeeding is to some a personal decision, and to others a definite health choice.  
And a financial decision. Saving money was what got me started.
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If you are at home with your baby for a year or so, breastfeeding is nothing at all. Your boobs are already around, so no pumping, no counting ounces, no washing bottles. The kid just sort of eats when he's hungry and it's all very fuss-free.

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I tell folks my experience as I've done it all (BF, pumped, formula fed). The easiest in most cases is BFing after the first few weeks, the first few weeks BFing can be harder than formula or pumping/bottle feeding would be, but it is worth getting through those early days/weeks to get to the easy part. Having milk always ready at the right temperature and no bottles to clean, yeah way easier unless you have some of the rare problems (thrush, mastitis, low supply, etc.) Formula feeding is easier than pumping, especially if your childcare providers prepare the formula bottles and wash bottles (many do), but for most women, you have to pump or you will lose your supply. I find pumping worth it, even with the extra work, but it isn't for everyone or even possible for everyone depending on their work environment. I want to maintain my supply for a lot of reasons, but a big one is keeping the babies from getting as many sicknesses so I don't have to miss work.

Some of the arguments for formula that it makes babies sleep longer, I've not seen evidence of that with my babies who all have (or are having) some formula.

So yes, overall I think BFing is much easier than formula, but it isn't always easier at first and it isn't usually easier if you return to work prior to 1 year or whenever you are ok with your baby having milk or another non-formula drink.
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