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Milk, eggs, and bananas.  It's normally just milk and bananas, which is what it is today. 

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"Send you to the store", meaning "leave home for no other reason"?  Everything is so far away from us that something has to be pretty terrible to make a trip with nothing else.  So the only answer to that is TOILET PAPER.  Oh, and CAT FOOD, and CHICKEN FEED.  (Curious why we say "food" for cats, not "feed".  Hm.)


When the stores (minimart) were closer, I would definitely make a special trip for cream.

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Coffee, milk, tp. The fundamentals of life!
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I don't like/drink coffee and hubby has hated it since he was a teenager, so that's where my list deviates from most of yours orngtongue.gif

But I'm constantly in need of milk, toilet paper, and cereal.

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TP, chocolate (seriously, we're a family of chocoholics) and water filters. It's slightly ridiculous how often we have to replace our filters.

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milk, bread, chocolate chips ( i somehow always need them for something)

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Onion, Potato, Water.

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Coffee, milk, cheeeeese! And I guess pet food, but the dog & cat will eat each others' food in a pinch. The guinea pig loves dandelions, clover, & grass so unless I'm really slack on her hay she's good.
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heavy cream




I drink heavy cream in my coffee and I'm a beast without it, and the kids love milk (we order raw milk but sometimes run out) and use it in everything (plus baking ) 

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This thread is making me realize that I can run out of coffee, but heaven help me if I run out of cream (or ice cream) to put in the coffee that I still have!

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I do not mind powdered creamer in my coffee (though I prefer fresh), but powdered creamer in tea seems an abomination.

When I was pregnant, I gave up coffee and switched to morning decaf tea. Then I got insulin-dependent diabetes and had decaf tea with Truvia. Then I got paranoid about a trace amount of caffeine in my decaf tea and just started drinking hot water with Truvia.

That sure sucked.

I feel a new thread coming on...what did you crave most when you were pregnant...and what was the worst thing about being pregnant....
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Toilet paper, coffee, cheese...

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Toilet paper (for sure)

Dog food (although I have been known to feed them other stuff for a meal)

tea and/or chocolate (for ME!)

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My three would have to be:
Toilet paper
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Milk, eggs, coffee, toilet paper.
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Produce, pet food/litter, laundry soap
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Eggs, bread, cat food

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toilet paper

water (we have well water, and no matter how much I filter and soften, I don't like it)

I don't think I have a third.

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Toilet paper
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