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Cabbage, cabbage, cabbage!!!!!

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The CSA is having their best year ever for cabbage. I've made 3 big batches of cole slaw and still have 4 heads in the fridge.

Kids won't touch stir-fry, cabbage rolls, or steamed cabbage.

Thinking about some kind of preservation, though I don't can. I like to do fridge pickles, or any kind of fermentation that wouldn't require standing over a hot stove all day when it's 100 degrees outside. I love kimchee, like sauerkraut.


What do you do with abundance of cabbage?


(dairy-free, eggs are okay)

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My kids only like cabbage one way.  We saute onions till almost golden then add chopped cabbage and cook both together until the cabbage is soft.  Serve it over cheese ravioli and top the whole dish with parmesan cheese. My older dd learned this recipe in a class and made it for us at home and we all enjoy it.  


Dh and I like shredded cabbage in tacos. 

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Cabbage and ravioli, that's a combination I wouldn't have thought of.

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Cabbage with onions & pierogies (I like it with sour cream and a sweet BBQ sauce).


One year, I made this indian cabbage dish (with alterations - no coconut, and with holy basil instead of curry leaves - you could likely use any tender herb like regular basil if you need) multiple times with abundant cabbage & hot peppers from our CSA.  I loved it.  Actually I made a masala omelette to pair with it (from same website, I think).  


I have not personally made this ethiopian cabbage - but have eaten it before and it was delicious.


Chopped cabbage cooked with about 1/2 an onion and lots of butter (or oil, I guess, if you don't do butter) can get served or used like butter noodles.  Would be good with something like stroganoff-style mushrooms or some kind of stew-ish vegetables, maybe grilled veggies even?


Roasted cabbage is also good (I know, not summer-heat friendly for the one doing the cooking).  I've done it similar to this, I think? in the past.  It does sweeten a lot from the roasting, and might be moderately kid-friendly.  

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hm, the kids liked Ethiopian when we had it, trying to remember if they ate the cabbage or not . . .

DH like to grill, so I'll think of that next time he fires up. We have a vegetable roaster, which is like a medium pot with a lid with holes in the sides and bottom, so it's really easy to marinate any vegetable and put it in the roaster and stick the whole thing on the fire.


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I will have to give this a try.
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Sauerkraut by Sandor Katz on YouTube:



My first batch molded, but the second batch was perfect, just took longer to ferment, because it was not warm out yet.


Green cabbage kimchi:



Haven't tried this one myself, but have made other kinds of kimchi. Really easy.


Lime coleslaw:

Shredded cabbage + shredded carrots + dressing: oil, fresh lime juice, garlic optional, mustard optional, S&P, a little sweetener (I use agave)

Once you have sauerkraut - Sweet Latvian Sauerkraut (a warm dish):



This is the basic recipe; there are many variations. My mom includes a shredded carrot. I don't like caraway, so I omit that, but it's authentic!

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I loooove kimchi. Not sure I can get all those ingredients around here.

Sandor Katz is the bomb.

For some reason I'm afraid to try sauerkraut . . .

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