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possible breech 36 wks wwyd?

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Hi there,

cross posted in birth & beyond...I've had 1 sono at 20 weeks where everything checked out ok.  I'm now 36 weeks and unfortunately I can tell the baby is still flipping from time to time (my biggest indicator is that I can feel hiccups above my belly button or in my pelvic area).  The mw wants me to have a sono to figure out for sure where baby is--I think baby was possibly sideways at the appt today.  The mw thought possibly breach but nothing definite and said b/c I can tell the baby is still flipping from time to time, that a sono can determine position accurately, then if she is head down I can get a belly binder to keep her in place until I go into labor.  If she's not head down I'd head to see someone to do external manipulation then use the belly binder to keep her in place.  My previous 3 babies all averaged around 8 lbs and I guess the room in my womb is still stretching out well b/c of the previous pregnancies so this baby isn't getting locked in to a good head down position.


I had been seeing a chiropractor but I didn't get a chance to go the last few weeks.  I went back today and am going tomorrow morning too, and the chiro is certified in webster technique so I'm hoping it will help.  He wants to see me 3x/week.  In the meantime, I need to figure out if I am going to get the second sono or not.  I would prefer not to.


Does anyone have any experience with this and can share?  Thank you!

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My first was breech from 35 weeks. We did accupuncture, which got him moving, but he stayed breech.

I did an external version to turn him at 38+ weeks, which worked and they wedged him in good and he stayed put until he was born 41+ weeks

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have you looked at spinningbabies.com ?

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No I haven't.  Thanks for the tip!, that website is a tad confusing but I'm going to try some of the activities.

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They say not to really be worried until 37 weeks. Mine keeps flipping to. The scan would only take a second to determine how baby is lying. Would they automatically give you a csection if baby is breech?
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I would definitely follow your midwife's advice on the sono.  They shouldn't have to do much to check position, so it'll be a really quick check.  If you're getting the doppler HB checks at your appointment, they are technically more exposure than a single quick ultrasound anyway.


Keep up with the chiro.  Even if you have a provider that will do vaginal breech, there are more risks involved, so it's really best to try and get baby in proper positioning first.

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I'm in a similar boat, feeling the baby's hiccups up high or in my side, but midwives have said baby us head-down at 28 and 31wks. Have my 33+5 appt next week. Had an 9lb 11oz baby last time, so lots of room for bub to move around. Planning to ask for quick (30sec) u/s if I still think baby is breech or transverse at 36wks and midwife's palpating disagrees. I use Pinnards at appointments, but this very brief u/s is with it to me. I have an anterior placenta, so no ECV for me (plus, with only a 50% success rate, I wouldn't do it anyway). I'd have to look into Webster and moxibustion. I hope your baby turns on its own. Keep us posted on what you decide and how it goes.
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EA77, I haven't heard that anterior placenta is a reason not to do ECV - they were ready to do one on me with an anterior placenta until they saw that I had an extra lobe on my placenta that attached by just a few veins right at the fundus -which is where they put the most pressure during the version...  I also had never heard the success rate quoted as that low - what I've seen before was something like 65% like it says here: http://www.aafp.org/afp/1998/0901/p731.html  I would absolutely do the ECV over a c-section any day, but that's just me.

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From my Birth Centre's handbook:
" Success rates
About 50% will be successful
About 1 in 6 will turn back again"
And other sources (no time to look for them now) say that having an anterior placenta makes a mum a less suitable candidate. Not sure whether that relates to risks or success, but there you go. smile.gif
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Thanks everyone for your replies.  At my 20 week sono my placenta was also anterior and yes that is a reason they gave for not doing ECV.  My midwives will not do a breech birth.


BUT just this morning and afternoon I could feel kicking up near my ribs again--and just a little bit ago, I was having hiccups deep in my crotch again!!!!!  I know that is a good sign and my friend who is a midwife is coming by this weekend to check and give her opinion.  I will definitely get the sono if baby is breech plus to check for whether my placenta has moved in order to do the ECV.  I am not that worried about the sono itself (well, actually I do not prefer to get anymore than one) but mostly b/c I feel like at 36 wks 4 days the baby can still move again and then I'd have to get another...I was thinking to wait to 37 weeks.  


I am keeping up the chiro (went yesterday and today) and I swear the webster technique is helping!!


NOW what to do if I know she is head-down--have any of you gotten a belly binder to keep baby from flipping again?  That is what my mw recommended...

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Once you confirm head down, I would start doing lunges/squats ;)


If baby is breech still, you can also look up rebozo sifting and I think they call it something like "gentle version" or something...  It's a midwifery technique with the rebozo and it's way more gentle...  Worth a try anyway I think...  No real risk involved, unlike the ECV.

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Try the spinningbabies.com website for sure!


My LO has been lying mainly breech and transverse (I am at 33+ weeks), and I am starting to do the positions to try and convince her to flip and stay that way. I just picked up a splint/brace to help with my diastasis (separated abdominal muscles), which should help keep her in place once she flips. Binding your belly might help keep babe in place once he/she moves for sure. Their website seems to be down tonight, but it has a huge amount of info on how to help baby move into a better position.



http://spinningbabies.com/baby-positions/breech-bottoms-up/flip-a-breech# should be the page you need.


There are a lot of different methods, but trying the forward leaning inversion, followed by the breech inversion three times a day can help. Also you can do chiropractic (Webster technique), moxabustion/acupuncture, craniosacral, rebozo sifting, and using homeopathic pulsatilla.


Good luck!

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I have also heard good things about the Webster chiropractic technique and spinning babies. Hope the babe stays head down though!

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my friend is stopping by today to determine if she thinks baby is head down.  I believe she is, will post back later!


ETA:  so I was right baby was head down!!  which was fabulous--my friend (a mw) even said she thought she was low and somewhat engaged.  

then last night dh and I had sex and I could tell she had moved!  now this morning I feel like she is back to head down.  I can't imagine why she is moving so much still--I'm 37 weeks today, but measuring a week ahead.  anyone else had such a flippy baby before???  my mw said she feels like I still have a lot of room in my belly for baby to fatten up so that could be why.  I did also buy a belly binder to help.

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