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Please give your thoughts!!
I feel him move A LOT! He's actually kinda pushed out one of my ribs idk if that's normal or not??
Thank you!!
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What does your doctor say?

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To me you look small but if your doctor isn't concerned and you are measuring fine then I wouldn't worry. Do you have a long torso? Sometimes tall women with long torsos don't get very big.
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my husbands military so sadly we have been moving a lot and i havnt seen a regular OBGYN since i was 16 weeks just random Drs at whatever base we were at these last few weeks but were settling in KY next week so im finding a local OBGYN there soon just worries me because i havnt  been able to see a regular Dr

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How tall are you? What was your pre-pregnancy weight? How much weight have you gained? Your fundus appears low, but one would actually have to measure you to really know. Do you feel a lot of movement? I have served many women who carry small, but have average size babies. If you have a long torso (as mentioned above) that can really hide the baby.

Edit-I just read your original post again, sounds like you have great baby movement.
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I had a friend who was about your size the week before she had her baby full term. She was really slim and not very tall, she just carried very compactly.
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I'm about 5'6 I don't think my torso is that long I was about 125 pre pregnancy I'm about 138 now it differs day by day i havnt really gained much ots been the same since i was about 25 weeks but I've been absolutely EXACUSTED these past weeks like I could sleep 24/7 yeah I feel every little movement but its comforting knowing you have seen other small girls
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Also if you were/are very athletic and have tight ab muscles then I think that can make your tummy grow smaller because your muscles are tight.
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Are you measuring correct for your dates when the ob's checks you? Are you getting enough protein, calories, fluids? My weight gain slowed down for a bit and I was measuring just a bit small because my diet was off. I upped my protein to 75 grams a day, where it should have been all along and upped my calories as well. The next appointment everything was back on track.
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If everything else, like your diet & fluids & activity level are fine, I wouldn't worry-- esp if you had abs of steel pre-preg.


With my first, I did have awesome athletic abs before baby & I was eating & drinking & staying moderately active & I did not show AT ALL until my due date. I mean, not at all. Two weeks later, my abs had relaxed & I measured nearly normal fundal height & had a baby in the center of the growth curve for length and weight.

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I was the most active mother ( I also have a 2 year old ) so no abs of steel lol I wish though
But we do try & eat healthy so I'm sure that has something to do with it good to know you still had a healthy baby too!!
Thank you!!
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