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I'm looking for advice

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I'm not pregnant right now, and I'm not trying to conceive but my doctor told me something today that worries me. I want children that has never been something I doubted but I'm now looking at when I decide to have children not being applicable to even have the option of an epidural due to how my spine is bent/where it's bent/has a few vertebrae's fused. I kinda went nuts for a while their worrying but now i'm trying to figure out how the style of parenting I imagined fits into a lifestyle where i'm told not to pick up anything that weighs more than 30 lbs. Can I even babywear at all comfortably with lower back issues.. and on top of that my loose joints and propensity to roll/sprain an ankle is it even going to be an enjoyable pregnancy when I do get pregnant. 

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Baby wearing did not work for us. There are lost of carriers though that have lots of back support. My super chubbster 19 month old only weighs 27lbs. I wish he would let me hold him more.


Pregnancy weighs about 26lbs so it all depends. I have had epidurals and not epidurals and though nice if there was no potion I would have been ok with it. Pregnancy has lots of aches and pains for everyone. Some people have cirppling hip pain or SPD no one talks about it but its really hard on your body anyway.


But i would get a second opinion about the epidural thing anyway.

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I do not have any back issues but usually when a person is wearing a baby properly, the upper back supports the weight. Baby should be high enough on your body to kiss baby's face. The majority of babies I see worn are way too low, it is likely very uncomfortable on the wearer's back. I would imagine pregnancy would be more so a factor for possible back pain as the spine curve becomes more exaggerated temporarily. Hopefully it will not be an issue for you though.

As per baby wearing, especially in the earlier months when baby is lighter, I would think you will be less likely to have back pain. Keeping baby high on your body greatly alleviates any discomfort usually.
Regarding epidural, I did not have one. I had no drugs, and I did have a water birth, which I feel really made it easier. Good luck on your journey, I wish you the best.
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I have lower back issues after breaking my pelvis is 3 places a few years back.. Pregnancy actually made the pain subside due to the hormone relaxin (I guess). As for baby wearing, I suggest trying carriers on before commuting to one because I bought a beco Gemini, which looks super supportive, but hurt my lower back after 5 minutes because of the placement of the lower strap. I found that mei tai style ties a bit higher on the waist and was much more comfortable. Hopefully you find something that works for you and have a happy and healthy pregnancy whenever you do conceive!
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Ps I had a homebirth in a pool and also found it was much easier (though I have nothing to compare it to, can't imagine I personally could've birthed outside of the pool).. You might find a water birth would help you, especially because you can explore positions that take the pressure off your back, like squatting or all fours.
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