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Vaccine maker comes clean

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And they want to make it mandatory.......

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This actually came out in 2009.  If you want to give people a link "mainstream" people might have a little more respect for, CBS covered it.  http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-500690_162-5253431.html  The comments on this article are heartbreaking.


India banned Gardasil back in 2010.


Japan recently ordered it stopped.  http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2013/06/15/national/cervix-vaccine-issues-trigger-health-notice/


VAERS has scary numbers of issues reported in the US.


My question is how many of the 40 million plus doses Merck says have been administered world-wide as of 2009 are going to find out later that they are totally infertile even if they aren't necessarily having some of the horror story problems now.

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Thank you, Kisthemum. I didn't realize how old this was when I posted it.
I'm surprised though, that we didn't hear more about it, or was I just not paying attention back then?
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I didn't know about it happening either.  I just went looking for information on it to help out since it was sort of an alternative site.   Even if it's in the old posts somewhere, it's still great of you to bring people's attention to it.


I would guess these things are kept relatively quiet.  Yes, it is on the website, but did it actually make it on a TV news program and what was 5 seconds dedicated to it?  At a Vaccine Conference a researcher spoke out against Gardasil and now for the weather...


Aside from being anti-vax in general anyhow, I've always been against Gardasil because I personally knew the niece of one of the higher up researchers and he told her never to let anyone she cared about get it, and she told me.  She said he made a fortune, but he has aged considerably and had a lot of issues since it came out on the market.  Apparently it's weighed quite heavily on his conscience, yet I don't see that he has spoken out about it.  Can't really judge him since I don't know what goes through his brain.


I had recurring cervical cancer first diagnosed in 1997, and it was never cured until I quit going to M.D.'s and took B17 to treat it.  I had surgeries to remove growths, a freeze cone, all sorts of stuff and it kept coming back until the B17.  I also did a lot of detox and completely cleaned up my diet, only raw dairy, organic, no GMO, no artificial sweeteners, flavours, MSG, etc.


I wound up pregnant when I had always been told I would never have children.  Now we have another little one on the way.  I've had pap smears to check, and I've been totally cancer free since 2007.


Now, my cervical cancer was caused by my body being acidic and a genetic predisposition rather than HPV, BUT STILL...  In my opinion, cervical cancer is not nearly as scary as what can happen to you from Gardasil.

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Wow, that is scary. Not the first time I hear about vaccine makers refusing to vaccinate "their own".

Love that you took your health in your own hands. Cannot fathom why more people don't. Congratulations on a clean bill of health.
Are your kids dairy free as well? My daughter just turned 1 and I'm debating if I should give her some dairy or not. I'm a former vegan, now vegetarian. We eat only organic. I just don't know enough about nutrition that I feel confident cutting out an entire food group for her.

Oh, thanks for the links btw.
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Thanks for posting. This one really scares me. I allowed DD1 to have 2 doses of this drug before I really started researching and questioning vaccines. I worry about future consequences for her greensad.gif
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Stella, we do dairy, we just stick to raw dairy as much as possible.  Can be a challenge at times since it's supposedly illegal here.,   Our daughter is vegetarian, but mostly just because she doesn't really seem to like meat much.  The only thing she'll eat is Ian's chicken nuggets or fish sticks, and we just don't get them very often since they are hit or miss anyhow.


Jenny, I'm really sorry for your situation.  You were doing the best you could with what you knew at the time.  The only thing I could suggest is maybe consider taking her to a naturopath and see what they would recommend as far as detox for someone who has received some of the shots.  That is one thing I have learned...  Detox is really important and sooner is better than later.  I don't want to scare you with a lot of details, but I have seen people really wish they did not wait to see what happened later.  If there is still sort of a half-life of the vaccine left in her system, it is better to get it out now.  I wish you and your daughter all the best.

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Ditto on the detox. I stopped vaxing DD at 5mos after some nasty reactions and took her to a ND at 9mos bc I just wasn't getting anywhere with her ped in regards to the food sensitivities that I had noticed - dairy from the start, and oats once she started solids following her last ever vaxxes.  She was able to determine exactly which ones were in her system causing problems and detox those specifically.  I can't speak highly enough about seeking out a good ND.  As for the guardasil, it's the first vax I ever declined for myself since something just didn't seem right.  I was in high school and just begining to study anat & phys (to prep for my future vet carrier that never happened) and I knew cancer and vaccines just didn't go hand in hand in terms of prevention.  I recall the ped I was seeing reading me a list of side effects (funny because no other doc I've ever been to has ever done that) and I think my jaw dropped. I'm one of those people who gets EVERY side effect and then some, always have, was told I have elevated billirubin consistent with "Gilbert's Syndrom" the short of it being that my body holds onto meds longer than the average person and so not only can I not follow the guidelines for how often to take something (benadryll for example leave me comatose for 12 hours and loopy for an additional 24!!) but it's much harder on my liver being that it sits around in my body.  Now that diagnosis was easily 10 years ago so who knows what my levels are now, I just avoid pharmaceutical anything, but you can bet my kids will NEVER get this vax!! 

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