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Stuff Our Partners Do: A Gratitude Thread

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I want to spin off the vent thread because I realize that I have plenty to be grateful about in my DH as a pregnancy partner, and often it can be more healing to release the negative and focus on the positive.

List of Things I Thank My DH for:
1) Morning sickness prevention smoothies (ice, bananas, Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, almond milk, carrot/greens juice)
2) Evening walks with our son so I can get some rest/alone time
3) His worship of my pregnant super-boobs
4) Offering to take walks with me to help me get some exercise and encouraging me to take walks when I get stressed.
5) Weekend housework catch-up
6) Nicknaming our unborn baby "Nibbler" (a Futurama reference) which I didn't like at first, but now that I'm constantly hungry, I think is absolutely perfect.
7) Wanting to be the only person other than the midwife in the delivery room (even though I really want a doula)
8) Getting our basement/guest suite that is currently a messy storage space ready for my MIL. She'll be staying with us for a few weeks after the baby is born.
9) Stopping at a rest stop without argument every time I needed one on our road trip from Maryland to Western Ohio.
10) Picking up ginger ale every time he goes to the store....even though he usually drinks it up before I need it!
11) coming with me to the first prenatal appointment and getting dreamy-eyed at the sight of our Nibbler on the sonogram.
12) Letting me put my feet on his lap while we watch TV.
13) Being supportive of my decision to VBAC, even if he doesn't fully understand and feels scared about the (minimal) risks.

There. I feel much better now. I think I need to print this list off and keep it on the fridge so I can remind myself of these things when I'm feeling let down!
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You are smart to do this alaura24! I was so tempted to post on your other rant thread, but agree this is a better use of our energies -- focus on the positives! 


My DH rocks because:


  • He pretty much handles dinner for us 4-5 nights a week because it's my worst time of MS all day!
  • He voluntarily took all 3 kids to Target this afternoon so I could rest
  • He is 100% supportive of all the decisions we've made about pregnancy & birthing to-date -- he's even more on board with homebirthing than I am!
  • He does little things for me -- like filling up the van with gas so I don't have to brave the 110 degree heat with hot, cranky kids in tow
  • He's stepped up (a little) with dishes and other household tasks
  • He hasn't brewed coffee at home for the past 4 weeks -- it's one of my worst food aversions (normally I LOVE it!)
  • He loves me unconditionally ... pregnant body and hormones and all. :)
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Great idea, alaura. Your DH sounds like a pretty good guy :)


I'm grateful that DH accompanies me to the grocery store every weekend (even though he hates it). This task would seem almost insurmountable if he weren't there with me!

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I am so incredibly grateful for my awesome DH.




Takes over parenting our daughter the moment he gets in from work, enlists her help making dinner and puts her to bed so I can take a nap.

Deals with the cat litter! :)

Works full time while I am working very very part time.

Has taken over most of the housework while I am feeling crappy.

Is so excited about the baby, and understanding of my fears

Is always willing to do a midnight grocery run if I'm craving something.

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DH totally won bonus points tonight: he just chased down the cat and removed a...erm....dingleberry from its fluffy butt. My Hero! :-D
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I love this! My DP has barely let me lift a finger around the house. We often go to her parents' house to swim, and she stays in the pool endlessly with DS while I lounge around in the pool or on the patio. She has taken over the cat litter and carries the laundry upstairs for me. She doesn't mind when I have to walk away from the kitchen because of cooking smells. She is incredibly handy and is spending much of the summer planning a home reorganization so we can utilize our space better. She is the best!
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This is a very sweet thread!

My partner is putting up with a lot of my crap at the moment, I have a proper case of the baby crazies and I'm totally unable to control my mood and my sharp tongue, which is very unlike me. At the end of the day, I say I'm sorry if I was hurtful and that I don't mean to get cross, and he says I can say whatever I like because I'm doing a great job of being baby carrier. Then I cry, because that's pretty much what I do all the time now! He listens nicely.

Also, I'm in the UK and we're having a really hot spell at the moment, and I'm really feeling it, so he made a fort in the living room next to our balcony doors where it's nice and breezy and that's where we've been sleeping for the last 3 nights. I love forts!

He's also been taking amazing care of the cats and the ferrets, and doing all the poop scooping.

It's also a real confidence booster to know he finds me sexy still, even though I'm already turning into being all tummy and boobs. I get sad about it, because I don't look 'pregnant' yet, I just look bigger than usual, but he knows how to cheer me up.

Awww, now I miss him! He's just gone to work.


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I'm super grateful that my husband has agreed not to cook in our cast iron skillet because it STINKS! (to me)....It's his favorite thing in the world and I know it just kills him....He's also been cooking more and offering to let me nap while he does other random stuff around the house. I need to remember to tell him how much I appreciate him....and trying to figure out something else fun to surprise him with or something...

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I love this!  I hope some of you are sharing this with your significant others :)


My husband:

-Has been doing all the housework (he was doing a lot even before I got pregnant because I work longer hours than he does - but he's stepped it up)

-When I'm on the couch completely exhausted after work asks me if I need anything so I don't have to get up

-Let's me keep the a/c a bit higher eventhough he hates air conditioning

-Doesn't complain when I need to change our plans due to nausea/exhaustion

-Stopped wearing his usual cologne because it made me nauseous.

-Asks me how I'm feeling (in a nice way) every day.

-Tells me I'm beautiful even when I feel gross and bloated and all sorts of nasty.

-Says going through this with me (first time pregnancy) makes him have more respect for his mom (she has 8 children!)


I really couldn't ask for more... :)

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We just got word tonight that DH's company will be relocating us to Ohio, and they'd like to have us move in 3 weeks! Naturally, I'm feeling overwhelmed. Well, my thoughtful, supportive DH gave me a hug and said "I know you're worried about where we'll have the baby. So before we even look for a place to live, let's look for a place where you can have a VBAC."

Floored. I think I'll keep him. :-)
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That's so gallant of DH to put you first. Best of luck with the move... I'm sure you're going crazy thinking about everything that needs done but try to remain calm smile.gif They don't give you much warning though do they?! What state are you moving from?
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Sounds like an awesome partner aLaura24!
Best of luck with your doc and home search. Like I always tell people, one day at a time... in my case... one hour at a time:)
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