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I'm glad you're home but I am sorry about your husband.

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Originally Posted by HeatherB View Post

I have unbelievable support from friends, including my midwife and doula, who were with me the entire journey (except in the OR). But ?H walked out 7 months ago. greensad.gif
You're not the only one. I've been on my own for the last six months, too. It's a struggle, and I've had to make radical adjustments in how I am able to parent my children, and prepare for the one I am carrying. I got divorce papers yesterday, but nothing can be finalized until the baby is born. I hope that you stay strong and can heal from all the hurt in your life right now. You have a community here who support you, too!
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Wow, that is some really unfair timing. But I am very glad that you were not alone for your birth. I wish I was in TX to offer some help! (( ))
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So glad to hear you're home, but very sorry about the situation with your husband.

Hopefully you and Asher will keep doing well and you can join your other kids for some summer fun!

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Ugh, I had no idea, Heather! I'm so sorry- it sounds like a very stressful pregnancy. Hoping you are recovering well and enjoying your sweet boy.

Goodtexasmama- hang in there as well! What crappy timing for divorce papers. :-(
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Heather, if I were in any condition to travel at all (or worth a damn once I was there), I would drive right down to you and pour my love on you, as you deserve. You are a strong and awesome mama and woman and I am proud to be part of your extended community.

You know, you can still call him DH- the D doesn't have to stand for "dear." wink1.gif I am just so sorry he's been not only an absent support for you, but a stressor as well. So much love to you and glad you are home with that precious baby.
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Heather, very glad to hear you are home, but I'm so sorry to hear about your marriage situation.  That sounds really stressful. hug.gif

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So glad you guys are home and well!  So sorry about the situation with the crappy hubby - I am glad the rest of your support system has stepped up for you. [hug]

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