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Heartburn.... :(

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I have been having heartburn almost all the time everyday. Doesn't matter what I eat or drink. Anyone else having heartburn already? Any suggestions other than taking Tums for it? Maybe something natural? I can put up with it for the most part, but do break down and chew a few tums a day.... This is how I was with my DD, so I kind of figured it would happen again. Guess maybe this baby will have a full head of black hair too. lol orngtongue.gif
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I haven't had heartburn, but I had an unlucky convergence of a virus, asthma and acid reflux. I had to take antiobiotics and I'm now on inhaled steroids and prevacid. I'm bummed to have to take so much medication but everyone assures me these are safe and it's more important to breathe. I've heard for acid reflux that some people have luck with a spoon full of apple cider vinegar in the morning. I also sleep on a wedge pillow that really helps my reflux so maybe it would help heartburn too? It bugs my back though so it's all a compromise. I also have to stay away from chocolate, caffeine, fizzy drinks, hot drinks and acidic foods. Maybe there are foods you could avoid that would help? Babies with lots of hair are very cute but bummer about the heartburn. I hope you feel better!

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Ugh, my heartburn has been awful! I've had it for weeks now. I had a problem with stomach acid pre-pregnancy and just knew I was gonna get it bad!  Tums is what I have relied on the most so far. I just started drinking red raspberry leaf tea and that actually cuts it down quite a bit for me. I've been drinking one cup in the am and one in the pm before bed. I also bought a wedge to sleep on and that has helped me tremendously! They say you can take tagamet for heartburn in 2nd tri but I'd rather avoid anything like that if I can.

Mothering › Groups ›  January 2014 Due Date Club › Discussions › Heartburn.... :(