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Bicourinate uterus

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I'm currently 15 weeks+ i have a Bicornuate Uterus, with this condition there is different factors that can affect the pregnancy. With my condition i have 2 vaginal openings, 2 cervix's and my uterus has a septum splitting it...I'm just wondering has anyone got the exact same as me and if so how did it affect your pregnancy? As iv started to struggle will difficulties at work and ended up in hospital last Friday with pains in my stomach...I'm under a consultant but i wont see her for another week and a half. I'm really worried about how this is going to affect my pregnancy and will the baby be okay?


Many Regards




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It all depends on how small your uterus is. Sometimes when it is split it cannot accomodate a growing baby as well. I have known a woman who had exactly what you are describing and she had three beautiful children. Hopefully a specialist will give you better answers.


The biggest and most common risk is second trimester loss or preterm labor. But again that depends on so many factors. I would just take it vvery easy if you have any cramping.

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Thanks for the little bit of advice you were able to give me. I will be seeing my Consultant next Wednesday so hopefully things will be okay and go well. 


Iv been told I will end up having a Premature birth and not sure to whether I can give birth naturally or not. Its just I'm really worried especially with ending up in hospital last week. And the doctor i had dealing with me was rubbish didn't have a clue what to do or how to deal with me. 


Thanks again x

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Hi all! I'm pregnant with my first child, and I have I Bicornuate uterus. I became aware of the condition 5 years ago during an ultrasound for an ovarian cyst. At 13 weeks, I experienced some heavy bleeding. I was sure I was miscarrying due to the amount of blood. But after a trip to the ER we saw that our little peanut was perfectly fine, and I had a hemorrhage in the opposite horn of my uterus. I bled on and off for about a month. Now, I'm 24 weeks and our little girl is doing great-no bleeding. Just started to panic about my preterm labor risk. Anyone with a similar situation?
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Hey Jess 


What is the extent to your condition, as if its the same to me then i could help shed light on the situation as iv been seen by my consultant recently with worry and pains. 


The Bicorunate Uterus i have is where i have 2 vaginal openings, 2 cervix's and a womb with a septum, which is a membrane wall that splits me in two all the way through. 


When i had seen my consultant on Wednesday just gone, she explained to me that cause of the area where the baby is going to grow is going to cause a lot of issues aka pains etc. She explained to me that there is a high risk of a premature birth. If the baby is born between 24-36 weeks then once your baby is born She will be put on Steroids. 


Because your past 24 weeks you are now safe in your pregnancy. As with me im only 18weeks so i still have 6 weeks where i have to be careful in everything i do. 


Can you give birth naturally or do you have to have a c-section? As iv been informed that I will need to have a c-section due to the fact the baby wont be able to go through the birth canal with me having 2 of everything. 


You should be under a consultant have regular scans and clinical appointment once or twice a month from now on up untill 36weeks, as they can keep an eye on the progress of your baby and if anything happens to you or the baby they will break your waters and help you give birth earlier. Your baby will premature, most women are able to carry to 36weeks and then you have your baby. The reason for this is so they know that your are safe and the baby is safe. 


Keep me updated on how you get on...as iv not really spoken to anyone who suffers with this medical condition. 


All the best 


Sarah xxx

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