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Weekly chat thread for July 13th- July 19th

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New thread!

Want to play identify that rash with me??

now that i see them on a big screen. bigeyes.gif
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Awww, I hope it feels better soon.  Has it been spreading?

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Yikes, that looks uncomfortable! greensad.gif I'm sorry you're dealing with that.

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Aggh, I have no idea, but aggh!


More contractions - gonna be my daily thing I think from now on...  In fact now that I say that I'm having another one...  Peed myself today when I sneezed - I've mostly avoided that by grabbing myself when I peed, but I was changing a diaper and my legs were spread too wide apparently.


Hubby and I had a date today to the movie - Pacific Rim.  It was really loud and I started getting worried about the baby because she wasn't moving.  I shook her awake and she finally got going a little.  She's been moving more later, but it got me thinking about what would happen if there WAS a problem...  I don't even know if my midwives will induce a VBAC...

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Banana- Sorry about the rash.  Maybe spider bites?  My daughter had a something like that and she had an allergic reaction.  Doc said it was some kind of bug bite made worse because she was allergic.  

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It almost looks like bites to me, too.

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calladona- I went to go see the new Star Trek with dh when it came out in a super fancy imax 3d theatre. It was so loud! I told dh I was afraid it would put me in labor XD

Your baby is most likely just running out of room and settling in. Is she/he engaged. They sometimes move less after that happens.

The rash, it's not spreading, but it's getting uglier. It's on the front right and also on the right side of my body. I have no clue either. It looks a lot like the poison ivy I got last year, but how the heck I could get it there, I'm not sure. It showed up after picked up a bunch of card board boxes from someone's lawm off Craigslist. I was hoisting them into my car and they definitely touched there, through my shirt. There certainly could have been a spider or bug on one of them that I didn't see, but what kind of big makes a person's skin do that? XD
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These are on your stomach you say? And I see near some stretch marks? This is concerning; spreading would make it moreso though. I hope it is just some annoying but benign bites. Are they really itchy? I am so sorry you have this.
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Oh no banana i hope the rash clears up soon. Edelweiss I hope your contractions stop and if not some healthy little guys.
Carmen I don't see holland being shortened to holly unless you chose to do that. I like the name too btw.
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Banana, I was going to say poison ivy too, but it could totally be a bite.  Are you putting anything on it?


Crafty, It sounds like you had a really great Blessing and have a lot of supportive friends!  That's a blessing in and of itself!  smile.gif



Carmen, I think the parents and the children end up having the last say about nicknames.  My DS is Barnabas and so many people try and shorten it to Barney.  So far only two little girls (big girls to him) have succeeded.  (And I think they have a special case as they are they coolest girls in the universe to him and they could probably call him "Llama Breath" and he would respond.)  But to everyone else who has called him Barney he just gives them a kind of funny look and then says something like, "Oh, no... did you not hear?  I said that my name is Bar-na-bas."  (And he kind of sounds it out for them like they are just learning to speak English). 

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Woke up at 3 AM and couldn't shake the worry that Julia hasn't moved enough...  Got up, shook her, waited...  By 4 I was really getting anxious and drank an OJ.  Had some very gentle movements but nothing much.  Called the after hours service at 4:30 and went ahead and drank a soda since I clearly wasn't getting back to sleep.  Had maybe 1-2 strong movements and a few more gentle ones...  No call back.  Called the service again at 5:30...  She's moving a bit more now, but still all the movements are SUPER gentle - like what you normally have at around 22 weeks.


DH will be up probably by 6:30 and I think if I don't get a call back by then, I'm just going to go in.  I've never been this worried during any of my prior pregnancies and I just NEED to get on the monitor and see that she's ok. :(

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Calladona - Better safe than sorry. We have instincts or a reason, so best to get it checked out. That said, the movements with both of mine changed significantly right at 34 weeks. The movements became much more subtle. With my first, I went in and got put on the monitor for half an hour, and everything was fine. I felt him. I experienced the same thing with my second, and didn't go in. I'm waiting for it to happen again with this one in the next few days.
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Everything ok.  Of course she performed like crazy on the monitors!  Stinkin kid is gonna give me so much gray hair!!  Just another monthish...  I could not be more ready.  DH and I were like foolish kids last night thinking about snuggling a newborn (of course that got all too real this morning when my anxiety got the better of me and then all my brain could focus on was the NICU across the hall).

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Great news, Calladona' I'm glad your mind is at ease. smile.gif
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Good for you for going in and getting checked out, Calladona! I am so glad that baby is doing well.
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Glad all checked out. I agree mommy intuition is very important and valid. I always think how terrible I'd feel if I didn't get checked out and it was something vs. having them reassure you everything's fine or correcting a problem before it turned disastrous..

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Glad all is well Calladona!

crafty- the 2nd picture where you see stretch marks is actually on my upper right side under my arm, like where your bra line is. It's a weird place for stretch marks, right? But they are old ones from growing as a kid. The other pic is the spot on my upper abdomen, it's kind of in line with spots on my side. I don't think it's any kind of pregnancy rash. I googled myself silly trying to figure out if it was one. It's actually much worse now. It's red and inflamed, and painful and a slightly itchy, but still localized to those patches. It's actually now behaving just like the poision ivy I got on my arm last summer. But I cannot imagine how I got it there for the life of me. The only thing I can figure is that it was somehow from the boxes, or I got it when touching one of the dogs on the farm the day before the rash showed up and then scratched myself there or brushed against there when I was pulling up my shirt while using the bathroom, but didn't get the rash on my hands because I washed them afterwards. Seriously, I am at a loss.

Carmen- I think Holland is a great name.
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Banana - I got poison ivy a couple of years ago and I still have no clue how. It was awful.It also started out similar to yours and then a few days later i got really bad. I ended up on prednisone, antibiotics, and a steroid cream. So it's possible that's what is even if you don' know how you were exposed. And it clears up so it won't be all pregnancy! Hopefully it won't be as bad as mine got, but there were remedies for that too, even if they weren't "natural". One thing I have heard good things about it is an over the counter ointment called Technu, you can find it at most pharmacies, but make sure it is safe for pregnancies.


Calladonna and Edelweiss - so glad you are both home and babies are doing great.


Me - I have had so many people lately tell me there is no way I am making it to my due date. Everyone at church is predicting an early baby because I look sooooo pregnant already and are surprised when I tell them I have another month to go! We went blueberry picking on Friday, and one of the ladies that worked there didn't want me to go to far into the orchard "in case we need to call someone for you"....really? My back hurts but at 34+ weeks I want this kid to cook for another month at least!

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Random thought: What's it going to take for our August Due Date Club to move into the top row? It's still April/May/June up there, and I've been waiting to move into the top row so I feel in the home stretch. wink1.gif
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banana, it slightly resembles bites to me but not completely. Hopefully it doesn't spread. Do you ever have allergic reactions to any food/soap/etc?


calladonna, so happy to hear everything is ok. I went through that a few weeks again and ended up in L&D for my first ever NST. Literally 5 minutes into the test the little stinker started kicking and moving so much the little belt things were hopping.


Thanks for the feedback on the name. My DP says the same thing but I know a lot of people who go by Michael (for example) with their family and Mike with everyone else in the world. I guess we would just have to be consistent.


Btw, my braxton hicks are starting to get a bit closer to early contractions...only a few today but definitely different than usual. I'd like baby to wait until at least after 37 - preferably after 38 - weeks!

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