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I had my baby shower this weekend, which was a hoot. 2/3s of the mamas there are pregnant. Everyone brought me freezer food and we had a great time chatting. My neighbour went all out with the cuteness.


I was supposed to have a home visit yesterday afternoon, but she had to cancel, since someone wanted to be born. So I had a giant nap. All good. She will come by tonight. At least the house got nice and clean and tidy.


I am glad babies are keeping on cooking. I am 37 weeks this Sunday and she is welcome to show up ANY time after that. Like 12:01 is good. We have husbands work family fun day downtown Saturday, which will be fun, but a lot of my meager energy supply.

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Wow, we're all getting so close....


Leigh - so glad you had a nice shower and got lots of freezer food! That will be so helpful the first few mos. You're so close to full term!


I am so tired trying to make up from lack of sleep at the hospital and also the magnesium sulfate just really wore me out, too. Then I remember that I'd normally be pretty tired being almost 34 weeks PG with twins anyway so that's gotta be a factor. I feel sooo big and out of shape. But I'm thankful to still have the babies growing inside and decreasing our NICU stay every day they stay in. If we could get away with no NICU time that would be so awesome.

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Just catching up!

Leigh and Crafty: sounds like you both had such great celebrations for you and your babies!  Crafty: I was so moved by your friend's idea to have candles for all to light when you go into labor.  Just amazing.


Banana: Sorry about the rash.  I have something similar under my breasts, but I just chalked it up to irritation and typically being very rashy/sensitive to things.  Sounds like yours is more localized.  I am finding that clear calamine lotion helps and my mom used Technu (someone else recommended) when she had shingles which is pretty natural.  Hope it goes away soon!


Calladona and Edelweiss:  Glad to hear babies are doing well and staying put for now!  It must be so nervewracking. I can hardly imagine, I get worked up over a small BH!


AFM:  My mother took DS for a few days to her house about 3 hours away.  Missed him immensely but got quite a bit done around the house for new baby (washed baby clothes, built a small organizer to put them in, washed car seat and rocker, got baby bottles out of the basement).  Most done before 7 a.m. because I am having severe insomnia.   DH and I also got a chance to go out for his birthday to a new and fantastic pub.  Food was amazing!  If I wasn't pregnant we probably would have been out all night but by 9 p.m I was almost asleep at the bar.  BUT, then I drove to my parents to pick up DS.  6 hours in the car in two days, not fun right now.  I think that will be my last trip to their house for the summer.  Everyone else can come to me. 

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Jill- I also have a rash under my breasts but I think it's yeast from being hot and sometimes sweating. I'm treating it with OTC yeast cream and trying to dry really thoroughly after showers. Might be worth trying.

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Thanks, Edelweiss! Its definitely, heat/sweating irritation.  I am pretty allergic to synthetic materials too, but cotton bras just dont have the support i need right now so I've been wearing others which definitely don't "breath" as well in this heat and humidity. I have some natural yeast/fungal oil in the cabinet. I will try that.   

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I can't even begin to do personals and catch up, but "happy" Monday everyone...I put happy in quotes because I was thinking how awesome it would be to skip work today and actually accomplish something, but I have a deadline at work too, so...boo.  Plus it would be one less day of maternity leave.  I did have a glorious nap each day on the weekend, so that was a win.  Sleeping in bed at night is further complicated by our previously angelic cat who has now decided that poking me in the nose several times in the middle of the night for ear scratches is a good thing. Trouble is, I'll hand out said ear scratches while half-asleep before I think "Hmm, I really shouldn't give him attention right now..."


I'm happy to hear our twin mamas are still cooking, and hope everyone finds relief this week from whatever ailment is vexing them.  :)  As for me, I am stuffing my pie hole with delights from the Mexican grocery store that DH went to this weekend to stock up to counteract the bad feelings about my to-do list.  orngtongue.gif

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So tired today..  Had a soda which I think backfired when the sugar wore off. Up until a week or two ago, I was having a coffee and a soda a day, then I noticed the coffee was making me ill so I cut it.  Went to 1-2 sodas a day to make up for the caffeine and now I think that's sucking.  So... I think it's plain black tea from now on...  I'm ready to be done with this pregnancy stuff!


I suspect I have another monthish.  I HOPE I have at least 2 more weeks, but I suspect I do.  I am so tired I keep almost wishing her out tomorrow, but then I remind myself that she's too preterm!  My movement scare honestly made me want her out all the more - just get her out into the world where I can SEE her and know she's "safe".  Blah.  My mom wants to know when to come.  She's probably going to take the train or plane so that she can just drive back with my dad (he's staying home with the dog until baby comes or it's right before my due date).  She's talking Aug 8.  I'm suggesting the 12th, but honestly what do I know?! :p  She's retired so she can stay a while, but probably not past the end of Aug (and in my mind, there is still a chance, not a huge one but a chance that I'll go close to 41 weeks, which is Aug 31).  So I just don't know what to say!!  If I did go that late, I don't think my midwives induce, so it would be a c-section and I'd really NEED her help then...  Blah.


Glad for chiro in about a 45 minutes.  I'm starting to NEED twice weekly appointments.  This is ridiculous.

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Well, I embarrassed myself today by missing a pre-natal appointment! I had the card in my wallet to remind me, but I'm used to a confirmation e-mail, which they forgot to send, so I didn't show up. I don't think I would have even figured it out, except the secretary at the birth center called to re-schedule my appointment. sigh. I image they're used to it, but I'm not usually that person!


It sounds like people are having really fun showers/blessings! It's so nice that everyone wants to do something nice for the pregnant women in their lives! luxlove.gif

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The showers/blessings sound awesome. The rash and painful prodromal labor not so much. :/ But all our babies are healthy, so thank goodness for that (I'm always a little more grateful on a day when I hear a sad story). And thank goodness for iCal on my iPhone. It keeps me rom forgetting anything. These days there are so many little things I have to do each day, and without lists and electronic reminders, my life would be a total mess.

AFM: I had a 33+5 midwife appointment this morning, which was great. My blood pressure is 105/65; baby's heart rate is in the 130s and fundal height is right on track; baby is LOA (woot! I was convinced it was breech based on hiccups); my weight is still holding steady at 20wk level, so no concern for GD; and we went over my birth plan and we're all set. I'm still feeling pretty good, with lots of BH, but only an hour or so of period-like cramping each day, which doesn't really bother me too much. I expect the pressure down low to increase as baby descends, but he or she is still pretty high, so I can still walk without too much discomfort. So since the pregnancy is being good to me, I just have to get through the next couple of weeks of birthdays, committee meetings, public school information nights, and my husband working the next two weekends, and then I'll be able to put my feet up a bit and read all your early labor posts and birth announcements. smile.gif
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My home visit went well. She got delayed with the new mama before me, so it was late, but such is life. Glad that when it is my turn, I will have the time I need.

She had some good info on belly binding to get baby to engage and get contractions more productive.

We went over all the when to call, what do do if baby gets here first, what do get food wise for them.

She was very impressed at my Type A supply set up. Everything is stacked in my bedroom closet, in labeled bins, in chronological order, with a master list on the door along with the birth notes. Transfer bag on the shelf above.


Monkey wanted to measure everything after she measured my belly. Bee helped her palpate and showed her my ouchies (ie my stretch marks). Baby is head down still so all good.

Everyone liked listening to her heartbeat. Husband had not heard it yet, as he has only been to an ultrasound.


I got the house reasonably clean and tidy so I just have a few more things to get put away, set up, cleaned up etc and they it will just be sweep, wipe, pick up, maintain. Until my dad comes on the 3rd and he can do that.

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Well done on all your organising, Leigh. You're a woman after my own heart. smile.gif And I love that your little ones are midwives-in-training. Glad all looked good and that bub is head-down. Woot!
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I had a very good 34 week appt. Both babies scored 8/8 on their BPPs and are measuring very well. Baby A is breech, Baby B is transverse so we did have a talk about C-sections.  We've talked about vaginal birth every time and my OB is willing to if Baby A is vertex, he hasn't been for 2 mos and I am finally talking about getting these babies out surgically. I feel good about our discussion, though, and they have a mirror so I can see and DH is going to video record it and he'll be able to give the babies to me for me to hold if they're not in distress. I really need to keep them in another 2 weeks though, for that. Oh, and they both have a bit of hair, which is something for blonds/very fair babies. They're so cute and I am so in love and can't wait to meet them but would love it if they grow inside for another month. I have over 10 lbs of baby inside of me, no wonder I'm huge and uncomfortable!


Oh and I found out I am GBS negative.

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Edelweiss- that's great!! I love positive appointments like that.
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Edelweiss, I hope your birth experience is positive no matter how it turns out! It sounds like everything is going well and the babies are really growing!

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Hooray for good visits!  I am glad everyone is doing so well.  High fives all around!


I am making cakes for a friend's birthday tomorrow and I am having a real hard time not eating them myself.  I have about the same amount of self control as my 3yo DS right now!  I have to make dinner so that I can take my mind off of the pound cake cooling in the cupboard..... drool.gif

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Sounds like a pretty good day for most so far. we're having a heat wave XP and I'm am kind of itchy and uncomfy with my "rash of unknown origin" here. So just lazed about and gave my kids some guidance while they worked on their 4H projects. I did make a kick ass dinner, and then took dd1 to archery, so all in all, I wasn't a TOTAL lump.
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I wasn't a total lump, but I wish I had been. I nearly fell asleep in the bath tub tonight and now instead of reading my son bedtime stories, I'm letting him watch the most obnoxious episode of Dora the Explorer ever on iPad. Is it August yet?

Also, last night we went out for Chinese food and at the end of dinner, I started sweating and went to the restaurant bathroom and could not stop throwing up. We all ate the same food and everyone else was fine, so I wondered if I was going into labor. Usually though, you have to have "contractions" for it to be "labor." wink1.gif After that spontaneous vomiting, I felt pretty much fine, just tired. So I am chalking this one up to "when heart burn attacks," or "help, my baby is soooo far up in my piece." eyesroll.gif
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Ugh, Mary I felt the same way last night!  I don't know what it was but I felt nauseous all night after dinner (that I made, and everyone had the same thing and felt fine) and through the night.  I was having crampy feelings though, so that was a little scary.  But it finally abated and I got some rest.  I hope tonight is uneventful for both of us!

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Hey Crafty, just a note on the Chinese food... Did you have fried rice, by chance? Pregnant women are more susceptible to the kind of food poisoning that comes from eating rice that has been cooked and left out rather than eaten or refrigerated straight away. The main symptom is vomiting 30 minutes or so after eating. You can read more about it here: http://www.abc.net.au/health/talkinghealth/factbuster/stories/2009/01/27/2475255.htm#.UeYTcnwaySM

In any case, that sounds awful. :/ Sounds like you're feeling better now, though, which is great.
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Had yet another epic day of appointments. I will be induced between July 24 and 31...I should know the date in the next day or two (can I still be part of the August DDC??). I *think* I'm ok with it but I do know that it feels like the safest option at this point to me. Of course that is partially based on fear. Baby is measuring 5 weeks ahead now and I ended up in L&D assessment after all my appointments because the midwife caught one small dip in heart rate...and I had just had a NST earlier! But, I had another one. In the hospital I had another NST that indeed showed a lower baseline but was considered normal. Midwife tried to check my cervix and do a stretch and sweep and couldn't reach it! She will try again next week...I would still like to beat the medical induction if possible! Oh and I'm GBS negative too...phew.


Sorry for lack of personals, it was a whirlwind day and I'm burnt out. Not to mention my ankles have permanently disappeared!

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