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Gifts for a 6 year old who doesn't play with toys!

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Ds is turning 6 in August and I am at a loss for what to get him as a present.  He doesn't really play with toys, at all.  He has a bike and a scooter.  He has legos (doesn't use them unless a friend is using them), he has some playmobils (again only plays with them when a friend is over).  He loves books but we have TONS of books and go to the library at least once a week (in fact I am starting work at the library on Monday), we also have lots of art supplies (he does use those, but really only if someone kid or adult is with him).  Really cool specific art supplies that other kids like might be good.  Or other outdoor gross motor things besides a bike and scooter?  Any ideas appreciated.  

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what about instead of a present get him an experience...a trip to the zoo, children's museum, local kids arcade ??
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Originally Posted by babydanielsmom View Post

what about instead of a present get him an experience...a trip to the zoo, children's museum, local kids arcade ??

I do like that.  That is usually how we spend his actual birthday, doing something or a serious of things he chooses.  Last year it was out for breakfast, then mini-golf, and something else that I can't remember.  I just want to make sure I have *something* for him to unwrap.  At 6 that seems really important to him.  Right now I'm thinking a box of tape. Like tons and tons of different types and colors of tape with the express permission to use it as much as he wants.

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does he like tools / building things? you could get him some real screwdrivers, wrenches and real little hammer and tape measure... then go to a lumber store for blocks/pieces of wood (you can pre-drill holes in them) different screws, bolts, nuts, chains. Then he can come up with his own inventions and he will he using real "big boy" tools.
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I have one of those too, though he is starting to get into lego.


We have a couple of these electronics kits which he likes (I think it's the same one, we're in the UK so all the packaging is different). We have one which builds a car or boat too which is fun.



Craft wise I like taking a look round pintrest, then I can gather the supplies for anything I think he'll enjoy and make up my own kit, I've not found many kits which appeal to him so this works out well. Both kids really enjoyed making these mini bows and arrows recently http://thebroodinghen.blogspot.co.uk/2010/06/tiny-bow-arrow.html


A digital camera has also been a hit with DS. We bought a cheep "grown up" one rather than a kids one. We chose a fairly sturdy one and it's lasted over a year and takes much better  pictures than the kids ones.


Finally audio books, we tend to listen to them in the car and the kids like to have them on at bedtime so we often pick out a new CD for birthdays etc.  Some of the unabridged ones are nice as they can read the book along with it. DS is liking the Roald Dahl books at the moment.

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Wallet (with a chain if it would work with many of his clothes) with a membership somewhere.

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Hmm. Maybe chess? We have a chess set so I don't know if getting a new one makes sense, but maybe.

He uses tools all the time with dp so I don't think he'd be impressed with his own as he already uses grown up tools.

He got snap circuits last year.

Thanks for the ideas so far. Keep 'em coming if you have anymore!
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What does he like to do when he's home?  

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Originally Posted by lmk1 View Post

What does he like to do when he's home?  

Follow around adults.

Ask me 500 questions.

Find someone else to talk to about something.

Lay in the middle of the kitchen floor while someone is cooking dinner

Sit too close to me on a 100 degree day


Be read to

listen to audio books (as long as they are not too dramatic)

ride his bike or scooter or talk walks

make plans

write lists

plan parties

go outside

he helps cook, clean, hang out with the baby

play board games

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I had more idea....what about getting him a Kindle or a Kindle Fire? You could down load him tons of interactive books, puzzles, or age appropriate games. Also some libraries let you down load e-books for free. Plus there's an app that lets him make his own lists .
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Board game ideas: Set, Blokus, Gobblet, Forbidden Island
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I always find that my kids are overjoyed to be given things that we otherwise might not let them use abundantly/ "waste."


- a ball of string/yarn and some scissors

- tape! (oh the JOY of tape!)

- paperclips

- a box of drinking straws

- paper cups


My six-year-old loves to use a "cool melt" hot glue gun with found nature materials... He's able to use it carefully and has for a couple of years, but my five-year-old burns herself on it whenever she tries, so this will depend on the kid. 


I think it's a rare kid who actually plays with manufactured toys more than fleetingly. 

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My 4.5 yo doesn't play with toys either, and never has.  She's big into natural sciences at the moment and wants a microscope for her next birthday. 

I'd also get her a Swiss Army Knife pretty soon too.  She's very respectful of tools and likes being entrusted with their proper use and care.

We also purchased a hornworm at the pet store the other day for a dollar.  It's enormous and vibrant green, and eats nightshades, and hopefully will pupate.  They're sold for reptile food, but we're keeping it to see if we can successfully get it to metamorphose into a Sphinx Moth.  She's really enjoyed setting up it's habitat in an old Trader Joe's see-through cookie tub.

You can purchase ladybug larvae, mason bees, & butterfly kits online or locally.  Those have been WAY COOL!

She also likes and uses binoculars, magnifying classes, tweezers and knives and scissors (she's big into dissecting ... flowers, dead bug & fish she finds).  

Silly Putty has also been popular.  

She also has an ipod loaded with audio stories.  She listens to those for HOURS.  

And books.  Always into books.  Hundreds in a month.  But they're not exciting to her ... more like food or air; always there and easily taken for granted because of their abundance.

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Have you asked him what he wants? My oldest DD (almost 8)  has never been big at playing with toys, but sometimes there is something sort of "trendy" that she's seen at a friend's house that I normally wouldn't buy, knowing she won't get a ton of use out of it, but I don't mind in order to give her something special for her birthday. Other times, she's surprised me with her requests and they've been easy to accommodate (this year she is asking for a CD player and some CD's since they've listened to music at camp).


Other things she's liked:


good quality magnifying glasses of various strength and some real bugs encased in some sort of plastic to examine

kid-type easy sewing projects (like a tooth fairy pillow)

some new decoration for her room (this year she asked for 6 foot high red tree wall decals!)

never enough craft stuff... new things she hasn't seen before are always good: shrinky dinks, etc.

a small table top pottery wheel


and how about:

a goal net and some sort of ball--soccer etc. for outside

slip and slide

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