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TMI alert, ladies









I've had terrible constipation this pregnancy.  I was having some issues before I got pregnant this time, but now they are soooo much worse.  I'm only passing mucous at this point  (as of last night) and I'm so afraid I have an impaction or something.  My husband is out of town for 2 weeks and I have 3 kids at home, so I can't just run in to the doctor.  I could call my mom (2 hours away) to come and watch them if absolutely necessary, but I am wondering what I should try at home before I go that route.  I think I'll go for some Milk of Mag.  I've tried the softeners and they don't really do anything.

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Magnesium citrate powder, bulk fibre (like Metamucil), probiotics, and fruit juices like prune can help. The magnesium nd prune juice are both natural laxatives. I take magnesium powder in fruit juice and probiotics daily to help with digestive health.
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I second the Magnesium.  I like the Calm brand and it really helps.  I take it before bed and it's not uncomfortable at all.

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teamsalem, Do you have the urge to go but can't? I am just asking because sometimes the nerves can become damaged from serious long bouts of constipation and then you will no longer get the sensation of needing to go. This happened to my son. We had to put him on a high dose of Miralax, pedialax, and finally use a suppository. We did give him lots of grapes, pear juice, and other food remedies but in the end we had to do what the doc called 'the colon clean out'. Stool softeners with LOTS of fluids first and then a laxative to stimulate the need to go. Making sure that his bowel movement would be soft was important because the harder it was the more painful it would be and he would try to hold it. So sorry this is a problem for you.

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Thanks, ladies.  No, I don't even have the urge and I'm bloated beyond belief.  I just called my midwife, and she recommended pericolace and  lactulose.  I think you're right, though, pattimomma, I think I need a clean out.  I would be more aggressive with the laxatives if I weren't pregnant, but I don't know how much I can do that would be safe.  I think I'll go in to see my primary care doc tomorrow.  I don't want this to become a medical emergency.  It is so embarrassing already.

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Hey teamsalem - have you gotten any help/relief? I just saw this post today and have been thinking of you..hope you're better!

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Thanks, jinxymama.  Well, I went to the doctor the other day and they ended up sending me to the hospital to be "cleaned out."   Honestly, I didn't feel much better afterwards.  I still feel bloated, so I don't think it has really resolved.  That was 3 days ago and I haven't gone since then, either.  I'm trying to change my diet by eliminating bread, rice, potato and other problematic foods.  The laxatives don't seem to do anything for me, so hopefully a diet change will.  I hope none of you ladies have to experience this, it is not fun.

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I'm so bummed for you!! I wish I had some awesome advice, but I don't know if it would help much. I'm sure you've tried eating prunes, prune juice?


Are you familar with Weston A. Price or Sally Fallon at all? I was reading in my Nourishing Traditions book today for some info on it ... and I took some snapshots of some pages with excerpts on them (I hope that's legal? LOL). For what it's worth...


[I hope you can read these -- if not, I could email to you, if interested. Click on them to enlarge]


Vitamin B1






Lacto-fermented foods/drinks



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That sounds so uncomfortable!  I went through a bout of bad constipation about two weeks ago.  I didn't go #2 for about 4 days and was so uncomfortable (pre-pregnancy I was twice a day super regular).  I started adding metamucil to my morning coffee and to whatever else I cooked during the day (you can sneak it in anything!).  I also started to be more diligent about drinking enough water and eating enough fruit (plums and kiwis!). And things have really gotten better (but not at all the same as pre-pregnancy).  I hope that helps...


Oh... I also needed to switch prenatal vitamins.  The ones I was on before were HORRIBLE.

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chirunner, what prenatals did you end up with?  I wonder if that is playing a role here as well.   Thank you for the info, jinxymama .  I should see if my library has the book, I could always learn more about nutrition in general.


I am happy to report that things are so much better.  I'd been like that for weeks, and things seem to be settling down now.  None of the laxatives did anything for me.  I also took some Magnesium Citrate as others mentioned here, and the doctor also recommended I take that.   I had no results, however. The only thing that has worked has been increasing my exercise and changing my diet.  I also am drinking some prune juice.  I usually get more exercise than I had been getting, but I have been so exhausted with the pregnancy hormones that I had been slacking.  And my diet had slid a bit because of food aversions, cravings and nausea.   Hopefully I am back on track, though. 

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I am still going through all the samples that my doc gave me.  Citra Nital is promising - it contains a stool softener (yay).  I'll keep you posted if it works out on my tummy/system.


I'm glad to hear you are feeling better.  Just like you, I normally eat much differently than I have been and exercise much more and I think that is also contributing to being backed up.  My energy level has been much better (I'm 12 weeks now) and I've been able to run again which always seems to help things along :)


Best of luck!

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