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"@fruitfulmomma I meant a benefit risk debate about any vaccine. Perhaps another thread would be appropriate for it, but I would like to see if a consensus can be reached about a question for the thread. For example: "Does the MMR vaccine cause children generally more benefits than harm?"


I'd be interested in a debate on the MMR, or at least the measles portion of the vaccine.  I personally feel like the negative consequences of measles returning to pre vaccine numbers is severely minimized by some in the anti vaccine crowd. 

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Well, I somehow managed not to get any nastigrams in my in-box (whew!), but I did some edits just in case.

Bakunin, three things:

First, I didn't intend any rudeness. I am just genuinely curious how you expect to write an "objective" piece when your posts in this thread have made it clear that this is an extremely emotional issue for you.

Second, playing the "outdated study" card won't work with Brisson's research. First, the date and validity of a scientific finding are very often separate issues. We've known for centuries the "out-dated" fact that the earth revolves around the sun. Also, as recently as last year, physicians and scientists were arguing that mass chicken pox vaccination was causing the uptick in shingles cases. (As just one example look up physician David Witt with Kaiser Permanente). So that "out-dated" argument was nothing of the sort.

Finally, if you read it carefully, your link broaches some interesting questions but doesn't actually "debunk" Brisson's earlier research.

I'm concerned that whatever piece you end up producing will sound a lot like Andrew Goldman's "objective" railing against the evils of homebirth. But, since I can't any stop that from happening, I'll just heave a sigh of relief that I didn't take your non-generalizabe survey.
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I started a related thread:



Please see:



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I'm going to lock the thread ladies...I just discovered way more flags in the queue I hadn't noticed re: this thread. Hope you all understand - I'll work on getting things cleaned up- Bakunin your poll will still be available for those who wish to take it. smile.gif

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