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Happy Thread

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Even though I have more than my share of whining to go around, I also thought it would be fun to share the little and big things we're happy about! 


To start off -- 


- Call the Midwife is on Netflix streaming! (although only season 1 - so I guess there's a whine - sorry!)

- I'm done with work! 

- The weather is lovely outside and I'm gearing up to go swimming as much as possible until this baby is born! 

- We're about done with baby prep must-dos -- now everything else is just for fun!

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I like this thread idea :)


- My mom will be here in one week! Can't wait to see her!


- Despite the forest of weeds, I have many, many pounds of tomatoes ripening in our hoophouse!


- I have the best-looking eggplants this year that I have ever grown - upside to all the heat, I guess!


- My husband has started filling bottles of water and putting them in the fridge for me and whenever I look hot or plop myself in front of a fan, he brings me ice cold water <3 <3


- Guinea keets hatched by a real live bird, even a duck, are sooo much more mellow than hatchery keets that arrive by mail. I wanted to kill the birds we got in the mail last time, they were so anxious and loud, but these farm-born babies are sweet and calm.


What is Call the Midwife? I've heard a few people mention it over the past few months. Is it like A Baby Story but with midwives?

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Call the Midwife is a BBC show based on a memoir of a midwife working for the National Health Service in an impoverished area of London. It's EXCELLENT. I watched the first season on Netflix and couldn't resist buying the second on Amazon Prime.

It's a good mix of positive stories and drama, I think. Not at all scare-mongering about birth, but honest about it.
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I am also excited that my mom is almost here!! I really want the company and haven't seen her in a while smile.gif
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I love it!

our freezer is full to bursting of delicious food

Chris brought me flowers on Friday, beautiful white lillies. 

Bean is head down and preparing for launch!

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I like this thread too!  Here are the things I'm excited about:

- I've made it to full term!  (I'm 38 + 3 today.)  My mother had all three of her babies early (I was six weeks before my due date!), and I'm glad that my baby is still inside and getting bigger and stronger every day.

- My house looks beautiful!  After several iterations of roommates, it was looking pretty rough, but my father and I painted the whole shebang, we had the original hardwood floors refinished, and we've rearranged all the rooms, which now seem open, inviting, and CLEAN!

- We have all the "baby stuff" I could want right now, thanks to the generosity of our friends and family, who've been able to share lots of second-hand items.

- My garden is weed-free at the moment, and my tomatoes, okra, lima beans, and herbs are all looking great.

- Besides some slightly swollen feet, I haven't felt uncomfortable a single day during this pregnancy.  If I wait another four weeks to meet my baby, it'll be okay with me (for now, anyway!).  winky.gif

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This thread is great for us postpartum mama's too! Here are the things I am happy about:

-My baby girl is sleeping on my chest right now and making sweet newborn noises

-We finally seem to be getting the hang of breastfeeding!

-I had a BM this morning!
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yay for BM's!! right now I'm having too many!!

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I do very much love that we get happy about clean houses and BM's.

Today (monday) is my birthday and my inlaws drove three hours to deliver a carseat and take us out to dinner. And my dear friend made me a peach cake. Which I'm going to eat for breakfast.
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Cake for breakfast sounds like the perfect way to start your birthday, enjoy the day!
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Watching Call the Midwife now, never even heard of it. This episode has broken my heart though greensad.gif

Love this thread and all the good goings on ladies!!

I've found something good to watch at 3a while I'm nursing Camden LOL
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Thanks for the happy thread. Good to make myself change my whiny mindset!


I'm happy that I got one more weekend with JUST my husband (even if it was unexpected - by me at least), that the weather is cool enough (and wet enough!) to let me feel comfortable outside (we even ate on the deck last night before round 2 of rain!), and CO peaches are in season.


Most importantly, we'll meet this kiddo by Thursday (!!!) and my parents will show up sometime next week to help. I'm so excited to introduce the baby to its grandparents early--and introduce our new baby, new home and new hometown to my parents.

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Love this thread I am so grateful for so many things! Everything is coming together!


-My best friend of 25 years (who lives on the other coast) was in our hometown for a wedding, and came down to visit me! It was so great to see her and she was so generous and she took the whole family out to dinner! We never, ever go out, it was such a treat relaxing in the beautiful garden of a local brewery just down the road from us.


-Husband finally finished painting and re-carpeting the screened in back porch. It was filthy junk dumping ground before, and now we have a whole extra room: part play room and part mud room, and I can sit in the screened in shade and nurse the new baby while watching the 4 year old play.


-I will be 40 weeks on Wednesday!!!


- Finally started maternity leave and husband has steady construction work for at least the next two weeks, and two more people have asked him for help on their projects after that! This is truly a blessing as we had no idea where the money was coming from this summer.


-I have discovered that some of my favorite old albums are available as full albums on youtube and I am so happy hearing them again and making playlsits for birthing day. (until last fall we lived in a cabin beyond the reaches of the internet).


-I live 5 minutes from two state parks with swimming and we sprung for a season pass!


-The ticks were terrorizing us all spring have momentarily abated!!!! Everyone in the family was treated for Lyme this early summer and no one contracted it!  Blessed to live in a time of anti-biotics and increasing medical awareness of lyme!


-My boss (large independent used book store) has been soo amazing re maternity leave. I can come back when ever I am ready and I plan to bring the baby on my back. Even though he doesn't have kids, he gets how important flexibility is. I really feel like a valued employee.


-This has been a pretty easy and healthy pregnancy. In the last few weeks visualizing the birth together every evening has brought DP and I closer, and helped us focus on what is really important.


-And last but not least, it looks like we will get to have a home birth after all! This whole pregnancy we had no idea who and where we would birth this baby. The two local midwives who feel qualified to to a VBac at home were both planning to be gone on an annual vacation from being on call 24/7 in July (which I don't begrudge them one bit), so we were looking at the hospital options in the surrounding area, which didn't look good as far as "allowing" you to "try for" a VBAC. Our beloved midwife agree to do the pre-natal appts (and do a partial barter for home repairs!!!) and I just sat with not knowing and not having a birthing plan for 8 months. Last month as I was approaching 37 weeks, we had a home visit with both midwives we looked at everyone's schedule and they both agree to cover certain periods of the month of July and Aug. I feel so grateful and lucky to have such awesome support and caring providers!

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I also enjoyed the cool-down in weather! We had our last prenatal meet-up with our doula, during which we practiced a few labor positions and talked about birth plans which inspired us to do some yoga after she left, then we went for a walk through the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge which was LOVELY, after which we played around with the different diaper covers we bought, LOL, and had a nice date night dinner at a new restaurant. It was a great Sunday, especially after lots of weekends of just to-do lists. 

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so Chris and I have "come out of the closet" home-birth wise. At first we were telling people that we're registered at BC women's, which is true, but now we talked about it, and decided to just start telling people....

So two of the girls he works with were asking if we get perks because I'm a nurse (not at BC women's, I work in geriatrics), and he told them that we are planning a home birth. He had to explain it a little bit (one lady thought home birth=unassisted childbirth). The younger girl was all for it until she found out she couldn't have an epidural at home, then she said it didn't sound as good! lol

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Loving all these happy things :) In fact, I've got some emotional-very-pregnant-lady happy tears going on from reading these, lol.


I am 40 weeks today and I feel unbelievably joyful about it for some reason. It feels like such an awesome milestone, and I am just so, so happy that I'll be meeting my little girl soon! 

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Lots to be happy about today! 


- I went to the midwife today and she said several times that the baby seems to be perfectly healthy, well-positioned, good heart rate and a very good size! She estimated 7 pounds. She was so positive and it made me really happy. 


- My husband took me to an awesome lake for an afternoon swim after the midwife visit. The water was lovely and I feel so great and refreshed! The water had pockets of very warm and then very cold water -- lovely contrasts! 


- And on the way home from the lake, we returned an expensive carseat we'd bought from Target which didn't fit in our car properly. (Oops.) Now I have a $$$ store credit to buy another, cheaper carseat which should work better in our car, based on reviews. No idea what will come first -- baby or new carseat ? ! (However, we have a backup carseat we can use should the baby decide to arrive before the delivery truck.) 

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Isn't it amazing what caregiver attitude can do? I had a nice visit today too. Just lots of friendly chatting with one of the students and the nurse she is shadowing about what she's learning and enjoying about this rotation.
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Today I swam laps in an outdoor pool 2 blocks from my house in the middle of the day. It was amazing. I love where I live.
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I super look forward to my midwife visits, they are in a group of 3, and I love all of them. 

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